Geek Comic Review: Norman #3

Script & Art By Stan Silas


It’s time once again for that adorable little serial killer to strut his stuff. Have you folks been reading this? If not, I suggest you do it soon. You won’t regret it, I promise.NORMAN_3_Preview 1


Once again, Silas blows me away the storytelling and the perfect comedic timing. This comic has heart and you can tell that he puts 100% into making sure you understand what’s going on and doesn’t rush it. The characters are loveable and convey a wide range of emotions. Not only that, but the artwork is astounding too. As I mentioned previously, you can see how easy it would be to animate this comic. The pictures seem to move as you read. I am so entranced with this story and with Norman. I am rooting for him in his quest to become the greatest serial killer ever.



In this “episode”, the scouts are aware of the connection between the missing children and the “missions” they are given. Grace decides to follow one of the scouts on his way to complete the mission he was given. She enters the large house and finds the scout in a precarious position. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it in time. Norman confronts her as she tries leaving to report him to the authorities, and her own secret ends up being revealed. Will the relationship survive? Will She?




As always, I am anticipating the next comic. I can’t hardly wait to see what will happen next time. If you haven’t read this, you really need to. Let me know what your opinion is! 10 out of 10 tiny hands!

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