Geek Comic Review: Norman #2

Script & Art By Stan Silas

norman cover 2

My favorite little chibi serial killer is back in Norman #2. I am so in love with this comic. Silas does an incredible job blending the innocence of the children with the psychopathic tendencies.


In this issue, we discover what became of Norman’s victim. It’s pretty gruesome and not very “appetizing.” Norman’s teacher appears to be getting more stressed and she seems to be irritated by the other teachers opinions of how she handles her class. We also see that the Scouts are finally starting to realize something is wrong and that kids keep going missing. Will they alert someone or investigate for themselves? I’m also rooting for little Norman as his crush on Grace starts to bloom.


The writing is smooth and it keeps you involved in the story. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I love the humor and all of the personalities of the different characters. The nods to the classic horror movies are well placed.  I stand by what I said last time. This would make for a wonderful adult cartoon.

NORMAN#2 Preview3Aside from the seamless storytelling, the artwork is perfect for it. Very bright and colorful and is drawn in such a way that it’s easy to picture the scenes moving in your head as you read. Silas is a wonderful writer and artist and I will continue to follow this story and see if Norman can get the girl and get away with murder, or if he will get caught, losing everything?


If you like comedy and horror, I definitely recommend this comic. Start with the first and fall in love like me. 10 out of 10 tiny hands, their index and pinkie fingers up, with Twisted Sister playing in the background.

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