Geek Comic Review: Penny Dreadful #1

Written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Illustrated by Louie De Martinis

Penny_Dreadful_1_2ND_PRINT (1)


A room covered in blood. A woman kneeling on the floor, faces in the background watching her. A shadowy figure sitting on a throne speaks to the woman, named Mina, asking if she will do his bidding. Without hesitation, she agrees and as a reward she is offered the mans arm. There is a cut on his arm, seeping blood. The woman grabs it and begins to drink.

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I love all things supernatural, but my favorite stories have always been about Vampires, so I was pleased to discover that this story is actually set in the world of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The story is about a woman named Vanessa who gets a vision of Mina, asking her to save her from the “Master.” Vanessa seeks out the assistance of Mina’s father, Sir Malcolm Murray. Vanessa explains her vision and the two set off to find Mina and rescue her. The story was captivating and found myself anxious to see what happens next. Would the “Master” get the better of them, or would they succeed and save Mina’s life? Krysty Wilson-Cairns did a wonderful job of writing this story in such a way that the reader stays involved and doesn’t get lost.

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The artwork is also well done. The colors are very dark and yet vibrant, befitting of a supernatural storyline. I really loved how artistic everything was rendered. I wouldn’t be opposed to hanging some of the pages on my walls in frames. The colors are blended well and the shading is perfect. The faces of the characters are well drawn and look exactly like the actors who play them. Louie De Martinis is an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see how the next issue turns out.


My overall impression is one of delight and reading this has made me eager to watch the TV series. I give this 666/666 unicorns and 20 tiny hands.

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