Geek Comic Review: Norman

Script & Art By Stan Silas


When I saw this available for review, I just HAD to get ahold of it. As someone who grew up watching the classic serial killer movies, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, I was instantly drawn to this.

Norman_1_Cover_A Roman Dirge

The story centers around a small boy named……. Norman. LOL! Because that wasn’t obvious. He has some strange heroes he looks up to, namely Fred Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers and a few others. (Incidentally, those were my heroes growing up as well.) He has a small, purple, flying, devil friend named Thing-a-mie, who gives him advice and helps him in his quest to be the greatest serial killer of all and also happens to be invisible! Some other characters you meet are a group of orphans called “Scouts” and a crazy teacher who doesn’t really seem to like kids. We also meet Grace, who appears to be another possible killer in training, and as such, Norman begins to fancy her.

NORMAN_Preview 2

The story is well written and very humorous. Stan Silas does a wonderful job making sure the content isn’t to dark or heavy. My interest stayed piqued through the whole comic and I was disappointed when it ended. The thought processes of Norman and Thing-a-mie are amusing and the bickering between the children is very realistic. As those of us with kids, know they can be very rude and bullies at times. I’m looking forward to the next issue to see how much Norman has progressed and if his kill count has grown.

NORMAN_Preview 4

Stan Silas was also the artist for this comic. It reminds me of Calvin & Hobbs meets Invader Zim. I loved it. Very colorful and cartoony. Thing-a-mie is SUPER cute and I wouldn’t mind having a stuffed version of him to squeeze. You are able to clearly make out everything in the panel and nothing gets mushed together. I would actually love to see his be made into a cartoon. I would be addicted to it for sure. I also like the fact that there are homages to the horror icons of my childhood, such as Freddy and Scream.


I would definitely recommend this to everyone! (Except small children. They are scary enough without getting ideas like these.) In all, this gets 10/10 tiny hands.

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