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Wizard World kicked off its convention in Madison, Wisconsin last night.  David Tennant is headlining the show, much as he did one week ago when we saw Wizard World visit St. Louis once again.  8daysageek was there last week for Saturday night’s costume contest and a week after the convention we are still discussing our favorite cosplays.  We snapped tons of great photos of cosplayers who didn’t enter the official contest or just weren’t present at the con that day.  Because of this, I’ve decided to hand out our own 8daysageek honors to the top 8 cosplays from last week’s event.  Are there any criteria, you may ask?  Of course not!  As with all my top 8 lists, it’s completely arbitrary.  I’m sure the costumes in Madison are just as amazing as those we got to see last week and I can’t wait to see more photos of them on Twitter and Instagram.  Until then, let’s take a look at my top 8 costumes from last week’s convention in St. Louis…



#8. Arnold Rimmer— Look.  This costume isn’t spectacularly crafted.  It’s not a Hollywood quality makeup job.  In fact, it’s almost as simple as it gets.  But, I’m a fan of this television show from when I was a child watching late-night reruns on PBS.  So it was like a childish glee to see someone cosplay as the unpopular hologram from Red Dwarf.




#7. The Fourth Doctor— Not only was I introduced to Red Dwarf on late-night PBS, but this is also where I saw Doctor Who for the very first time.  The episodes they aired-at least the ones I saw-were of Tom Baker’s portrayal of the Timelord.  Much like Rimmer from above, this costume isn’t elaborate.  It’s a hat, scarf, and sonic screwdriver.  But if you are this guy going to a comic con, how do you NOT dress as Tom Baker?  It’s the perfect fit.



WWSTL2016-0702#6. Robin Hood— The common theme among the first three entries on this list is my childhood.  I remember watching the animated Disney version of Robin Hood over and over again on VHS as a kid.  If craftsmanship of costumes is your thing.  This is the first entry on the list that truly earns points in that category.




#5. Rick and Morty/Wirt and Greg— I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty.  I think Dan Harmon did an amazing job on Community and het gets credit for at least helping to bring one of the funniest cartoons on television to air.  I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t sure who the other two in the photo were until I did a little research.  Over the Garden Wall was an animated miniseries that aired on Cartoon Network in 2014 and is now in my list of must-watch items.





#4. Sailor Pool—Deadpool cosplay has dominated the convention circuit for some time now.  In order to stand out…sometimes the cosplayers get a little creative.  I’ve seen some hilarious Deadpool mash-ups and this was one of the funniest.  During the costume contest, he even flashed his underwear where “I heart Spidey” was scrawled.  Another participant-dressed as Spidey, of course-leapt on the stage and the two comically wrestled a bit.  Pure entertainment value gets Sailorpool a spot on my list.




#3. Jack Skellington—This was one of my favorite costumes of the weekend.  The form-fitting mask even has a moving jaw, as the participant explained that they had affixed it to their face in order to provide a more realistic effect.  This was one of those costumes that you just want to get as close as possible to see exactly how it was crafted.  Don’t let the mask draw your attention away from the amazing custom suit either.  The number three spot on this list is well deserved for this cosplayer.




#2. Deadpool—When it comes to cosplaying as Deadpool, you have to stand out.  We discussed this earlier, right?  To really stand out, you need to embody the spirit of the character you are re-creating.  This guy did just that.  Not only was he witty and clever, but he brought along his toy unicorn and a drawing of his buddy Francis.  Devotion to his character…and an incredibly expensive replica costume get Deadpool the number two spot on the list.



iron stan

#1. Iron Stan—I’m giving Iron Stan my number one pick because of various reasons.  Iron man is a universally recognized character.  The craftsmanship involved in doing a standard Iron Man costume justice is immense.  Much less crafting a costume that is not only remarkably realistic, but also encompasses the host city’s undying love for the game of baseball, is an undeniably brilliant cosplay.  All credit in the world is due to this individual for bringing baseball, comic books, jocks, and geeks all together to marvel at this costume.



There you have it!  My top 8 cosplays from last week’s Wizard World St. Louis.  Get yourself some tickets to the next Wizard World…or any convention in your area and let us see what your local cosplayers have to offer.  You can always send photos of you favorites to @seanmlscott or @8daysageek on Twitter.  As always, thanks to Wizard World and all the con-goers who show up every year in great outfits that allow us to cover this event time after time.  We can’t wait until next year.





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