Movie Trailer Reviews: Star Trek Beyond

Perhaps more hardcore Trekkies will have gleamed more from this trailer than novice fans of the series such as myself, but the story seems to be that of a mixture of the old days coupled with a fresh approach.

What I mean by that is; the Starship Enterprise is once again destroyed – revealed both visually and through dialogue in this trailer. A strange piece of information to divulge unless A) it happens super early in the film anyway or B) is not pivotal to the story…and if that’s the case, why do it at all other than for the fantastic visualization…and I think I just answered my own question. However, this is a bit of a tired trope as the Enterprise has been destroyed several times before.

Throughout the trailer the Beastie Boys song Sabotage is playing. This could be a subtle nod to the first film where it is shown that James Kirk is a fan of the “classic music” group, OR it could be an indicator that the destruction of the ship was forces working against the crew – perhaps even once again from within Starfleet.

The backdrops for the majority of the scenes are rocky outcroppings which are very reminiscent of the old Star Trek television sets and would definitely be seen as an homage to the show.

For now we’ve not seen the villain – at least we don’t think so – as the only villainous looking person appears to actually be on the side of the good guys.

Definitely looking forward to the release of this film and the next trailers to dig into for details!

Check out the full trailer below!

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