Bin Fodder C2E2 Panel Review – Magnetic Press

One of the great things about coming to conventions is the opportunity to meeting new people and be introduced to new comic entities.  Magnetic Press (Chicago) is one such company.


I was drawn to the panel because I had no knowledge of the titles this company produced, and since that is a very uncommon occurrence for me I was intrigued.  What I found was an engaging and entertaining display of forward thinking storytelling with a mixture of classic Art House style books devoted exclusively to exploring the animal form.


Though they put a premium on digital comics for individual issues this progressive company still goes to print when the subject matter calls for it; such as in the case of collections or omnibus books.  Having only been around for just under a year they’ve already produced 9 print books and 40 digital books via comixology.


Their next big undertaking is a story called Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.  This book is the brainchild of Tom Delonge (Blink 182).  The premise is that when we dream we are sometimes guided by characters who live in this dream space called Dream Walkers.  They aid and protect the individual.  Poet has become one such Dream Walker after his own DW sacrificed himself to help protect Poet.  Watch a preview video to the comic below:



The steps companies like Magnetic Press are taking are what the future holds for this industry I love.  Melding pop culture and comics is a beautiful thing when done right; and these guys are doing it.


From C2E2 this is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.

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