A Mythbuster Farewell

mythbusters2Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman dropped a bomb during Thursday night’s episode of the hit Discovery channel show.  Unlike most episodes of the show, this wasn’t a bomb meant to teach us all something about science.  This was a bomb that has some fans up in arms.  Adam and Jaime announced in the final minutes of the show, that their co-stars Kari ByronTory Belleci and Grant Imahara would no longer be involved with the show when it returns with new episodes.


The three departing cast members used Twitter to thank their fans and co-workers when the announcement was made on-air…




Adam and Jaime will return as the sole hosts of the show when new episodes air.  They claimed this was “going back to our origins”.  However, Kari Byron made her first appearance in episode two, all the way back in 2003!  They used a mold of her butt to test whether an airplane toilet could create a vacuum seal and I have been watching ever since.  I will definitely miss these three and the roles they played on the show.  Even to the extent of second guessing whether to continue watching or not.  How about you?



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