Star Wars Episode VII – Release Date Announced

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Well, my good Geeks, today is a good day.  We are one step closer to new Star Wars movies with the official announcement of a release date.  Disney released today that the as-yet untitled Star Wars Episode VII will be released on December 18,2015.  A departure from the normal early-summer releases of all previous Star Wars films.  But 2015 is already Summer blockbuster laden with the next Avengers installment coming out in May.


On the heels of a screenwriter change and NOT ONE casting announcement, having a release date tells me one thing: they are clearly going to use the Force to make this happen.  Like the kid who has three months to write a term paper and does it all the night before…oh, wait…we already saw that film, didn’t we.


Anyway – this is great news.  I can’t wait for casting news and holy crap…the title.  We have two more years of geeking out until it becomes a reality and we all get to share in the glory of seeing those majestic scrolling yellow letters flow across the screen.


To read the official release, check it out here!

This has been a Jedi Mind Trick.


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