8 Easy and Geeky Pumpkin Carving Ideas Volume II

With Halloween just five days away, it’s that time again.  It’s time for me to give the geeks out there some easy ideas for celebrating their geekdom on the face of a pumpkin.  Just like last year’s list, we’re going to try and keep ‘em as simple as possible.  Spending hours creating a masterpiece is nice, but some of us aren’t that artistically inclined and would rather spend our free time binge-watching ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 on Netflix.  These eight fun ideas get progressively harder as we count down, but we won’t venture into the realm of museum quality jack-o-lanterns.  My thanks to the sites around the net where these photos were taken from.  With that said…let’s get down to carving!



doctor who crack pumpkin


#8. The Crack in the Wall- This one is by far the simplest of all the designs on my list.  Yet, as a huge fan of Doctor Who…I absolutely love it.  Not a single trick-or-treater would probably understand the significance of your pumpkin displaying a simple crack, however, if you’re lucky…maybe a certain Time Lord will show up and save your Halloween from being erased from existence.




android pumpkin


#7. Android- Celebrate your love for your smartphone with this easily recognizable logo on your pumpkin this Thursday.  Personally, I’ll stick with my Windows Phone-All hail Bill Gates-but as long as you’re not carving a stupid apple into your pumpkin, I’ll be happy.




d20 pumpkin


#6. d20- Quite possibly the geekiest entry on the list, this design celebrates your love of classic table-top role-playing games.  If you miss the days when you would gather around the table to comb through dungeons and earn as many experience points as possible, then pay homage to the good times by displaying it on your front step this year.  Just remember to use your +2 knife of pumpkin carving.




zelda pumpkin


#5. Triforce- We have been collecting the three pieces of the Triforce with Link in one form or another since 1987.  With this fairly simple design, you can have your wish of a truly geeky pumpkin granted.  Just make sure to keep it out of the hands of the dastardly Ganon or his wish may be granted for Halloween and everyone could end up with apples and dental floss in their treat bags.



angry birds pumpkin


#4. Angry Birds- A little more artistic talent is needed for the next few on the list.  Although, I think they are entirely doable, even by a pumpkin carving novice.  So this year, pay homage to the most popular time-waster video game of all-time.  And if any nasty little pigs try to steal your candy you can feel completely justified in chucking your pumpkin at them.




bender pumpkin


#3. Bender- Celebrate the series finale of a truly geek-worthy cartoon by putting the visage of everyone’s favorite bending unit on your jack-o-lantern.  Bender Bending Rodriguez is more than geeky enough to adorn your porch for Halloween and this is one of the few geeky ideas on this list that plenty of the tiny trick-or-treaters will recognize and get a kick out of.



cylon pumpkin


#2. Cylon- Battlestar Galactica is the sci-fi show for the geekiest of the geeks out there.  Not a single child will recognize what it is when they come to the door looking for candy, but that doesn’t make it any less intimidating.  Plus, if someone does recognize it, you can tell them you’re dressed as a humanoid model cylon, which should cover for your lack of a costume.  Just be sure to throw a few “fraks” in your verbiage and you’ll be right on the money.



vault boy pumpkin


#1. Vault Boy- I have to admit, the reason this is number one on my list is because Fallout 3 is probably my favorite video game of all time.  The people over at Bethesda just churn out video game excellence at every opportunity.  This one is arguably the most difficult on the list and I truly don’t know if a novice could even pull it off.  Although, I believe with the right tools and a good stencil, almost anything can be done if you want to spend the time on it.  So grab your pumpkin carving kit, a few Stimpaks, maybe some Jet, definitely a Nuka-Cola, and carve the Wasteland’s most iconic character on your pumpkin this week.



There you have it folks, eight easy and geeky ideas to inspire your pumpkin creativity.  Again, I’d like to thank all the sources around the net where I found the pictures and if any of you out there carve your own geek-themed pumpkins I would love to see them!  Email me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter @SeanMLScott.  Until next time….Allons-y!!

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  1. That’s not the triforce, it’s the Hylian crest :*

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