Comic Review: Number Cruncher #3

The third issue of Number Cruncher finds our protagonist, Operative 494 still chasing down the lovesick mathematician as he lives out life after life in order to be with his true love.Numbercruncher #3 cover (418x640) (268x410)

The Mathematician may have manipulated the “recirculation algorithm,” but Operative 494 isn’t going to let him live out these lives. With every new incarnation, 494 is there with his “accident gun” to put an end to that life. While The Mathematician’s quest seems noble, this issue shows us the unintended consequences of constantly being born, finding your true love, then being killed.

This is the second-to-last issue in the Number Cruncher series. I’m interested to see how things end up and sad to see the series go. Number Cruncher is one of the most original and entertaining comics I have ever read. I definitely recommend you check it out.

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