Ben Affleck as Batman? Why you should stop crying, bitch.

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It’s been some time for the news of Ben Affleck being named the new Batman for 2015’s sure-to-be Summer blockbuster Batman vs Superman and it would seem that the fervor has lost little of its tenor. In reality there are numerous reasons why this is a good choice. Many of which were artfully characterized in (This Newsarama Article).

I recommend the read, though my thoughts here are my own.

There seems to be two camps of detractors: the “He’s just the new Clooney” group OR the “Didn’t you see Daredevil” group. In reality both of these thoughts is incredibly wrong. Affleck is, at heart, a comic guy. There’s a reason he played DD, but in reality the writer/director Mark Steven Johnson (known also for: Grumpy Old Men, Jack Frost, Ghost Rider‚Ķholy hell, it was worse than I thought!) is who sunk that ship of the damned. But that unfortunate situation is not emblematic of who Affleck is as an artist. Not only has he grown from his numerous roles but has become and accomplished director. Both are pints that should be considered.

As for the Clooney comparison: this is only valid as an idea that they are both known commodities. Though I would never  defend that film, again it was not Clooney who ruined that movie, it was Joel Schumacher and we all know it.

Affleck is the kind of actor who can become the character he is playing, a skill not everyone possess. This allows the audience to see the person on the screen for who they are: that character, not the actor.

My opposing article also thinks Hollywood is rushing to replace the Bale Batman story. Unfortunately this is short sighted and missing the reality of what happens every month in comics. When a storyline ends, it’s over. Rarely; unless its incredibly important or impactful, is something referenced in the future.

This change is as little a change as a new artist/writer taking over on the book. Bruce/Batman will look, act, sound, BE a little different but its still going to be Batman and Bruce Wayne up there.

He will still be a playboy. He will still be a cowl-wearing vigilante. He will still have a butler named Alfred. And he will still have a batmobile.

In reality it was the Bale movies that set the stage for this to happen, without him. His story was over, much like RDJ on Iron Man. Time for the page to turn and the character to change again, as he has over the last 65+ years.

People will always have a problem with the person picked to don the mask and protect Gotham, but I will trust in those guiding the ship. They haven’t led us astray yet.

Man of Steel was fantastic and we will all be waiting with bated breath as the next one rolls onto the big screen.

Hope you enjoyed the rant!



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