Deadbeat Makes You Stronger by Guy Adams




Deadbeat Makes You Stronger by Guy Adams

This adventurous thriller has so many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.
Max and Tom are old friends (old in every sense of the word!) who drunkenly watch an interesting unraveling of events in a churchyard one night.  They are determined to get to the bottom of it and that’s where they mystery of the book starts off.  The very beginning of the book didn’t make sense to me until the end when I could piece it all together, it seemed out of place; the turn of events having a “Pulp Fiction-esque” feeling of “AH-HA” near the end.
The book is action packed, leaving very little time for dull moments because of the trouble that Tom gets Max into.   The book goes back and forth between Tom and Max’s point of view, but it was not too hard to follow.  Max talked about a lot of flashbacks from his past at some of the strangest points of the book, but it did add to his character painting him as a nostalgic man to hang out with.
While Tom and Max seem to live life with quite a bit of normalcy, there is a secret lurking underneath the surface of their friendship that will blow you away. I won’t reveal the secret here, however, know that it will clarify any questions that you might come up with while reading the book.
I would recommend this book to others because it is different than a lot of other books out there and it was entertaining.  Easy read with a twisted sense of humor!
Deadbeat Makes You Stronger was compliments of Titan Books.
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