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Recently I finished the Supernatural Season 7 Companion Guide. It wasn’t the first companion guide I’ve read. The Tardis Companion Guide, the Super Mario Bros 2 Companion Guide. Me and Companion Guides have history. This one wasn’t as in depth as Mario 2’s strategy guide, telling me how to get through each level and what not, but it did have plenty of fun behind the scenes facts.


If you were already a Supernatural fan then this book is maybe a must own. I guess it depends on your commitment. There are several other season Companion Guides, as well as a magazine. The Carver Edlund books from the series portray a huge sub culture following and alludes to the idea of a Sam vs Dean fan base’ similar to Edward vs Jacob in other series. So maybe if you fall into that sub group then this IS a must own. Otherwise, maybe you don’t like the season that much, or maybe if you just like the series and a little extra is… fun. I, personally, already owned John Winchester’s Journal and a Supernatural expanded universe story.

987341_1333067641222_full[1]Since the end of season five the series has been dancing around it’s next big thing. I like where they decided to go with the word of God and Kevin Tran toward the end of the season and I like Castiel as the new God, but at this point I had no clue where they’d go next. Castiel may have made a great villain and Misha Collins may be the best actor on the series, but the Apocalypse is over so what next? Well… it seemed a villainous Castiel was the next thing, until it was revealed that God’s little helpers the Leviathan were to be our next bout with evil.


Supernatural_Season_7_Carry_On_Wayward_Son_The_Road_So_Far_HD_[1]The Levi’s were a rough sell for me. At least at first. It wasn’t until they opened up flapping Canadian heads during every episode that I developed a mild liking. The guide really promotes Dick Roman, and while the back story is definitely interesting,  I suspected that Dick couldn’t be around forever. Leviathan just aren’t quite comparable to the King of Hell. But Dick Roman was acted brilliantly (James Patrick Stuart plays the ever smiling Dick Roman), as is stressed in the guide.

SupernaturalSeason7e05d[1]S7 had some good moments and some bad. Misha Colins was absent for a large portion of the season and of course the character portrayed by Jim Beaver’s said his final goodbyes (as if that means anything in a show like this). We had some brilliant cameos as seen to my left here with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsden who probably haven’t been on camera together since Buffy. Felicia Day is introduced and has since become a recurring character. While all of that is fun fun fun until you fatherish figure takes your current automobile away, what I took away from the Companion Guide the most was the behind the scenes tidbits.

In the pages of the guide we learn that S.E. Hinton, author of the Outsiders (the movie was filmed in my home town 😉 cameos in the diner scene where Levi Sam and Levi Dean hold the place up. We learn (or suspect… Mark Shepherd is such a card) that Jared Padalecki would randomly pick up the “King of the Crossroads” and shake him playfully off camera. Maybe that’s why Shepherd calls Padalecki “moose” so much on camera? We learn that the stretchy skin that is the Leviathan bursting out of Castiel was not done with CG, but actually a fake fleshy torso and the black gloved hands of people standing behind him. The extras and fond memories shared by cast and crew really made this book fun. I’ve rewatched some S7 since, and I might not have otherwise. The book made the season better somehow. I’d give it 3.5 Leviathan heads out of 5. Fine holiday fun.

If you’re interested in Sam and Dean and the brilliant people who make the show, and you’d like to learn more about them try going here and pick up a copy of the Season 7 Supernatural Companion Guide.






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