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It’s Sunday, let’s review. The world has been filled with more real news lately and less geek news. Which honestly isn’t how any of us want it. I doubt there’s a person out there in the listening audience who would rather hear about Marathon Bombers and Russian Terrorists versus the new Star Trek Trailer or the release that Cumberbatch is indeed Khan. But that’s the world we live in. Enough about all the nonsensical business let’s talking about Pokémon and Prom and the new content on Netflix. Let’s express our excitement about May and all the geeky festivals that let us cosplay all month long. It’s the season of geek and time to review.


In a rare event Pokémon enthusiast, Terry, captures the impossible with his antics (he must have used a Master Ball). With Prom season approaching a student in an Ash Catcher costume from the series Pokémon shows his courage and presents a Pokeball to a girl and asks her to prom in front of half the school. I might have left the poem out, and maybe the costume at home… honestly I might expect attempting actually capture her with a real Pokeball to have worked better. But what do I know, she seems to have said YES.

SaturnSaturn, the sexiest of our solar systems planets, was in the best position for viewing last night and early this morning. If you were lucky enough to catch it kudos, it has been six years since it was so clear and present in our night’s sky. The rings were tilted toward the earth hiding any shadows they would have otherwise cast and it was in perfect position between the Earth and the Sun approx. 9:30 last night and into the wee morning hours. The Transit of Venus was just a few months back and we had an eclipse just weeks before, so if you’re a celestial junkie I’d keep my ear to the ground, my eyes to the sky, and left foot red because apparently the Milky Way is a hot spot of activity this year.

Rick Perry CartoonIn a small touch of real news (tied in through comics) Gov. Rick Perry has expressed his disapproval of a recent comic released by Sacramento Bee artist’ Jack Ohman. The cartoon depicts The Gov. (my new Gov. I might add as recent addition to the Texas population) boasting that Texas is “…Booming” followed by an explosion which ties in to the recent fertilizer plant explosion in the town of West, TX. The plant hadn’t been inspected since 2006 and lax zoning laws in Texas allow for many residential areas to be built near businesses that would otherwise be prohibited for safety reasons. Gov. Perry expressed his opinion of the comics poor taste, while Ohman states that it’s his “…job to create provocative work”.

Next month is the kick off for a lot of things. I know I’m excited about covering the Dallas Comic Con the weekend of the 17th (which is the same weekend we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch do his best Ricardo Montalban impersonation, personally I hope he decides to go a more Fantasy Island approach and less Star Trek). But Renaissance Fairs are popping up like dandelions. The Scarborough Fair is just 45 minutes from the DFW area which has me conflicted because I’ve gone to the Castle of Muskogee every year for ten years now. I would definitely say “… nothing’s fine I’m torn” to quote the immortal Natalie Imbruglia. Either way, don’t miss out on the closest event near you. Be it C2E2, a Con, or a Ren Fair. The time is now.


Well, it’s been fun. As always feel free to comment below. Suggest any geeky news happening near you, or contact me directly via twitter @werewolforigin. Also don’t miss Hemlock Grove on Netflix for all you horror fans. It’s decent. One of the oddest werewolf transitions I’ve seen. And catch the Pilots released on Amazon Prime last week and vote for the best online so maybe we can help control some of the crap that encompasses our world. That’s all. The End.



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