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Alright, the geekend is over and it’s time to get back to our secret identities as mild mannered reporters and photo journalist and billionaire-playboy-philanthropists, etc. Before we throw on our bespectacled costumes, hiding from the world because it’s just to dangerous for those we love to let these secrets out, let’s review what a wonderful world of geek we’ve been living in.

Iron-Man-3-PatriotIt’s been a mild mannered week as well. Second half of the season is already well on the way. Mad Men broke back onto the scene and though the show is still great IDK if it’s the Emmy fave it once was.  Iron Man 3 is the most anticipated movie on the horizon but Summer blockbusters aren’t in full swing yet. As we wade through the doldrums of this transitional period we just have to make do with what is left of the TV season and the lackluster Spring movie drops. The Evil Dead remake is only a few days away but even it isn’t out of the oven yet and ready for review.


a891d9914c4b22c7f6272a1961f_h0_w650_m6_lfalseWith the rumors of Jay Leno making yet another soon to be departure from the Tonight Show Seth Meyer looks to be a shoe-in. This after the 2010 debacle which created a big hullabaloo around Team Coco (Conan O’Brien supporters against Jay’s return to the tonight show after only a few months of passing the reigns). Jay has announced yet again though that he plans to vacate the sought after time slot and title and while Jimmy Fallon had seemed one of the heavy contenders not so long ago, Meyers has recently burst forth as the front runner which is bad news for SNL. Jason Sadakis who was planning to leave SNL after this season may have reason to stay if Meyer takes the coveted spot.


c7b58029b384c85e4e471c1341d639_h0_w305_m6_lfalseIf you’ve ever heard the Dane Cook “Kool-Aid-Man” bit, then you you know it’s hilarious to think of the giant pitcher of fruit beverage bursting through various homes shouting “Oh Yeah!”. The Kraft Food Corporation is changing the image of the smiling 2000 lb pitcher to a CG clothes wearing multi flavored beverage guy. I don’t know how I feel about it, but then again I guess I’m not the judge. Capt. Crunch switched from commercials about the “Soggies” when I was just a wee lad growing up in the Shire and I can’t say it was a bad idea. Sure I wish I still had those Soggy Minatures I got as prizes from the box from back when they gave prizes in the box, but it’s only for nostalgia purposes. Soggies are really a stupid idea for a commercial and wouldn’t entice me “make it happen” with the “CAp’N”. So good on ya Kraft Foods. You sell that product.


I Dl’d Labrynth Legends from Playstation Plus and it seems fun. Clara has been tolerable as the Doctor’s Companion lately, she’s not annoying at least… yet. Game Of Thrones is excellent and looks to only get better. The Joker recently sewed his face back on in Batman Comics. But until Ren Fairs kick in or I make it out the Dallas Comic Con it’s been a luke warm week. Next week we’ll at least have some movie news as the Summer season starts to roll in. But until then, see you next week. Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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