C2E2 2013 – A Recap

C2E2 2013 – A Recap

Every year 8daysageek.com tries to make it to one of the biggest pop culture events in Chicago, C2E2, and this year was no different. Between the fan communities, the nomad travelers that make a pilgrimage to Chicago every year, and the local fans and businesses that setup at the convention there is no shortage of fandom and interesting people to meet. Here is a day by day recap of the convention with just a few of my own experiences thrown in.

Day 1 – The Trip

I live in the St. Louis, MO area so my first plan was to take a train to Chicago and not have a car to deal with, however, due to an email mixup (not my fault) I was sent to the wrong station and missed said train. I’m no stranger to road trips so my wife and I decided to drive instead. After arriving at the hotel about 6 hours later we checked in and were on our way. By the way, I stayed at the Courtyard Marriot and I have to say that this is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. The staff is unbelievably friendly and the room setup is amazing (the bed faces the window so you get a view in the morning).

Once we got to the con everything was pretty normal, I made my way to the press registration and headed inside to the show floor. Friday is the slowest day of the con so I do most of my looking about then; this is also the day to get autographs if you can because even Ron Perlman and Felicia Day’s lines had very few people in them. Here are a few photos from day one:

Day 2 – The Horde

Saturday is the day when everyone moves through the show floor like a half decaying mob of undead on their way to a sleepy town full of food… err, people. This day of the con is busy; no I mean BUSY, and so most of my photos and coverage happen on this day more than any other. The day started with a quick look at the exhibits that weren’t setup the day before and a survey of the costuming land.


As always Saturday is a lot of me saying, “can I get a picture”, “would you mind I I took your photo”, “thanks”, “looks great”, and you probably get the point. It’s easier to recognize the lens on my camera than it is my face because you’ll probably see the lens more.


Day 3 – winding down

Since I do have a 6 hour adventure home I don’t stay as late on Sunday as the other days. Sunday is family day at C2E2 and as such there are a lot of great families dressed up and the kids love getting a picture with their favorite heroes. All of the costumes are great to the kids and people wanting pictures. Thank you to all of the people who stopped for a photo this weekend.

If you saw your picture give us a shout out in the comments. We would love to hear what you thought about the show. You can also shout out on twitter, I’m @penofdoom.

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