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It’s Sunday and the geekend is still rolling. It’s been awhile since we’ve made a Geekend Review. A bit hit and miss the last few times. That’s my fault. Before I was reporting out of Tulsa, OK and now I’ll be reporting out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Hopefully that means bigger coverage and more events. Dallas has a ComicCon that I plan to attend if I have the time. But that’s neither here nor now. I am here to report on the Geekend News and report it hard. Really hard! Here we go.

sp_0612_spring_fever Yesterday was the first day of spring. So now allow me to promote Allergy medication and inhaler ads for x amount of minutes. While most of us wish we could leap tall buildings in a single bound like Superman or turn invisible like Simon (season’s 1&2 of MISFITS), in reality for a lot this is just a really S***** time full of pollen and mold and drowsy hangovers from Benadryl. At least a lot of fall shows are back in full swing for the second half.

Or will be soon, “Winter Is Coming”!


Avatar 2&3Was one trip to Pandora enough for you? Or do you think you could see the blue cat people fight for their “Unobtainium” another two times for three hours each? I wanna lie here and say that Avatar was the worst movie in the world. I know some of you loved it, I didn’t. It wasn’t bad but is it worth the title of Highest grossing film of all time? No. I’ve seen Rounders more times than I’d ever be willing to rewatch Avatar already. I will see the Nightmare Before Christmas 50 more times before my life is over, and I love Wreck It Ralph so much I may watch it three more times this week. Avatar was okay. I may watch it again someday but when James Cameron recently said he is hard at work for parts two and three I nearly shat myself with disappointment. I’ll watch them, but for the love of Young Jeezy and all that’s holy don’t make them the number 2&3 highest grossing films.

Escape_from_New_York_1920x1080The classic sci fi film Escape From New York is getting a reboot with director Joel Silver at the helm.  In 2011 a previous reboot plan fell through.  DEADLINE reported today that Silver plans to release his version (the first in a trilogy) 32 years to the date after the first adventure of Snake Pliskin hit the big screen. While EFNY was a good movie and probably paved the way for some campy classics for years after, I can’t say I thought it was worth making Escape From L.A. some years later. A good reboot can be amazing or it can fail miserably. I guess we’ll have to watch and see. I am a little excited.


The-Host-the-host-movie-30171153-787-960Before you puke all over the place and ruin your keyboard at what I’m about to say, let me assure you it’s plausible. I read the Host immediately after it was released. While Twilight and it’s movies are the worst thing since unsliced bread, The Host is a good story. Except for the last two or three pages I was really involved with it’s characters and loved the idea behind it. It’s really a Body Snatchers story which isn’t entirely original but there’s a weird love triangle/square between the alien the girl it’s possessing and two dudes and a lot of Zero Dark Thirty torture. It’s almost dark in how full of hate some of the characters are and I am really interested in seeing the movie. I’m not going to say that it will be great, but I am saying the story it is based off of is good (if you skip the last two pages).

Well, it’s been a long hard road out of hell, but I think I can keep the post coming and my activity here back in the manner it used to represent. I’ll see you next Sunday for another Geekend Review. Keep you’re eyes open for Gamoe Of Thrones next weekend and the return of Doctor Who, as well as maybe go check out The Host which releases this coming Friday. Until next time, The End.



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