TWIG: Go back to Morrowind with Dragonborn

The problem with Christmas is that none of the big game companies are releasing anything big. That’s all right, though. DLC is holiday-proof, and will come out whenever they want to release it.

Dragonborn came out on the 4th, I downloaded it on the 5th. Much to my dismay, I realized that running around Morrowind as a non-Dunmer is tearing me up inside. I’m starting over, and whenever I’m at the minimum level to access the Dragonborn DLC, you bet your booty-of-whatever-size that I’ll be taking the boat over to Dark Raven and tearing those crazy cultist’s up.

Below is a dozen official screenshots of the expansion. The beauty of adventuring over to Dark Elf land is that the architecture is very different, the giant flea-tick-transport things are back, there are some new armors available to blacksmith, and you’re back in Morrowind! It’s the first Elder Scrolls game I played and beat, so I’m partial to the bleak atmosphere and universally cranky elves.


DragonBorn- (5) DragonBorn- (6)

DragonBorn- (7) DragonBorn- (8)

DragonBorn- (9) DragonBorn- (10)

DragonBorn- (11) DragonBorn- (12)

DragonBorn- (1) DragonBorn- (2)

DragonBorn- (3) DragonBorn- (4)


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