Top 8 New TV Shows of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time for year-end countdowns.  Seeing as that I am the resident television guy here at 8daysageek, I’m going to use my soapbox this week to countdown the top eight new television shows that debuted this year.  Most made their debut this fall.  Although, don’t rule out mid-season replacements from last season or even shows that debuted over the summer.  That’s enough explanation. Let’s get straight to it…





#8. Revolution– I wrote the review for this program’s season premiere here on 8daysageek.  While I did not give it a glowing review, I did say that I saw promise in the show.  The creators behind this show have a pedigree that I feel requires us all to give it a chance and stick with it.  I have done just that…and feel I was at least somewhat rewarded.  Questions I had about the story have slowly been answered.  More characters have been introduced.  And the action sequences are performed rather well.  My only complaint is that I still don’t identify to the point of truly caring for any of the main characters except for Miles.  Honestly, the villains of the show are more interesting and well acted than the heroes.  I think NBC shouldn’t have put the show on such a long hiatus, especially with the huge ratings it was drawing.  That hiatus may prove to be a death sentence when the show returns this spring.  When it does return, though, I will be watching.






#7. The Neighbors- This show has bad reviews on just about every website you visit.  The critics panned it before it ever even hit the airwaves.  Yet, I am here to tell you it’s not that bad at all.  It’s actually pretty darn amusing!  Imagine Third Rock from the Sun set in 2012.  Except the aliens know even less about human culture and live next door to a normal family whom they have let in on their secret of being extraterrestrial creatures.  The whole aliens on Earth idea isn’t an original television formula, but it’s been successful in the past and in my opinion has been successful once again here.  ABC agrees with me, at least for now, as the show has received a full season order and will be with us for the rest of the season.




go on


#6. Go On- I enjoyed Matthew Perry’s failed sitcom from a season or two ago entitled Mr. Sunshine. This season he has come back with another attempt and I have been pleasantly surprised by it as well.  Perry plays a man who has recently been widowed and joined a support group to deal with his loss.  It doesn’t sound like the best basis for a comedy, but it actually works very well.  The supporting cast is very funny and sometimes borders on the comedically absurd.  It has some touching moments and Perry pulls those off with ease as well.  The show debuted on a special night after Olympic coverage and then came back once the games were over.  The strategy apparently worked and NBC has ordered a full 22 episode season.




dont trust the....


#5. Don’t Trust the B#tch In Apt. 23- This show actually debuted last season as a mid-season replacement show.  I tuned in then probably just because a show with a curse word in the title automatically draws my attention.  (Too bad Sh#t My Dad Says never reached the level of this program) Krysten Ritter plays a New York party girl who ends up with a small town girl for a roommate and hilarity ensues.  The best part of this show is easily James Van Der Beek.  He plays none other than James Van Der Beek, who just happens to be a friend of the aforementioned party girl.  His morals are only slightly better than Ritter’s and it’s Dreama Walker’s character’s job to ground the two socialites.  Celebrity guest stars like Mark-Paul Gosselar and Dean Cain abound and provide even more amusement.  Sadly, ABC is treating this show like NBC’s Community.  Despite its devoted fans, the show has been pulled from their mid-season schedule and replaced with the Dancing With the Stars results show.




mindy project


#4. The Mindy Project- I was completely unfamiliar with Mindy Kaling, having never been a viewer or fan of The Office.  Thusly, I had little to no expectations for this show going in to it.  It has proved to be a very entertaining choice.  The show follows Kaling’s character, who is an OB/GYN, through her extremely dysfunctional personal and professional life.  Her office is populated by quirky co-workers and egotistical doctors.  Instead of absurdist comedy it’s one of those shows where you just laugh at the awkwardness of some of the situations.  Fox has placed a full season order for this show, so we can expect it to make it through at least the rest of this season.






#3. Arrow- Despite the fact that the title character is NOT played by Justin Heartley who did such an amazing job playing the Green Arrow on Smallville, I watched it anyway.  The action sequences and cinematography during said sequences is fantastic.  It’s also nice to get a program centered on a superhero who isn’t afraid to kill if need be.  This is a much darker show than Smallville ever was.  It has a few issues which you can read about here.  The fans have spoken though, as the show continuously makes its way to the top of polls ranking the best shows of the year.  The CW only took twelve days to order a full season and if it makes it to next year, we can assume that it will be with us for a very long time.  The CW tends to milk its cash cows for every dime they’re worth.






#2. Elementary- This modern day retelling of the story of Sherlock Holmes is done incredibly well.  Although not quite as good as its BBC counterpart, Sherlock, this program still easily hits the mark.  Jonny Lee Miller plays a great version of the intrepid detective and despite my trepidations Lucy Liu has done a very good job as Watson.  Their relationship isn’t quite what it was in the original works by Conan Doyle, but even for a Sherlock geek such as myself, it’s nothing I can’t overlook.  Even if you are not a fan of the procedural crime drama you should give this show a chance.  Sherlock Holmes’ character practically invented the procedural.  The ratings have been excellent and CBS not only ordered a full season, but added an additional two episodes bringing the total to 24.  They also gave it the coveted time slot immediately following this year’s Super Bowl.




After reading the seven shows I’ve detailed already are you asking yourself what could possibly be number one on this list?  Well, it’s NOT a show that debuted during the current fall season and it’s probably the least watched show on this list.  However, I get to write the list, and when this show hit the airwaves I was immediately hooked.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and go watch it right now.  If you have seen it, you will understand why I have placed it so high on my list and will be happy to see that my number one new show of 2012 is………








#1. Newsroom- Created by Aaron Sorkin and debuting on HBO during the summer season, Newsroom follows the goings on at a fictional cable news network.  Jeff Daniels stars as the gruff lead anchor and is joined by a great supporting cast including geek goddess, Olivia Munn.  With those two names you’d probably assume this series is a comedy, and although it definitely has its comedic moments, this show is one of the best dramas on all of television.  The show uses real news events to portray what life is like in today’s age of the 24-hour news cycle.  Reviews differ based on what site you are reading, but IMDB has this show rated as an 8.7 out of 10.  If you don’t have HBO then I recommend finding someone who does and watching it at their house or even contemplating ordering the network from your provider solely to view this show.  After its initial ten episode run, HBO has ordered a full second season that is set to debut in June of 2013.




That brings my list of the best new shows of 2012 to a close.  This time next year we will have a whole new crop of programs to fill this list.  Until then, I suggest devoting some time to these eight.  You won’t be disappointed.  Allow me now to wish all the 8daysageek readers and staff a very happy new year.  We will see you all in 2013.  Allons-y!!

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  1. There a couple here I haven’t seen, but the rest are spot on. Aaron Sorkin’s genius writing on The Newsroom is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how he reacts to the election season!

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