8 Beliefs as Dumb as the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy

People will believe just about anything.  Just look at the upcoming “end of the world”.  I’m sorry folks, but December 21st will not be our last day on Earth.  I don’t care what Nostradamus or the silly Mayans have to say about it.  Thusly, this week I will explore eight things many people believe that just happen to be as wrong and as dumb as the Mayan Doomsday prophecy.  Some are science misconceptions.  They have probably been passed on by parents and teachers who don’t know what the heck they are talking about.  Some come from pop culture.  Some are just plain whacko conspiracy theories.  Let’s all laugh at people’s ignorance now….





#8. There is No Gravity in Space- In fact, there is a LOT of gravity in space.  It’s everywhere.  The reason that people erringly believe that there is no gravity is because everyone seems to be floating in space.  When in reality, no one is floating.  They are FALLING.  They are falling towards whatever object they happen to be in the gravitational field of.  Also, as we should all know, space is a vacuum.  And in a vacuum, everything falls at the exact same speed.  So when you see astronauts floating around the International Space Station.  It is not because there is no gravity.  It is because they are falling towards Earth at the exact same speed the station is falling.  Luckily though, in an orbit that allows them to not smash into the Earth’s surface.






#7. Entrapment- How many movies or television shows have you seen where the criminal about to engage in illegal activity with someone he doesn’t know, informs them that they have to tell him if they are a cop or it’s entrapment?  It’s a blatant invention by Hollywood based on a misinterpretation of actual entrapment law.  Entrapment laws vary by state, but mostly state that police may not trick or mislead someone into committing an illegal act that they would not have otherwise committed without police manipulation.  The police have full and complete authority to lie to you about their identity.  If they didn’t, then why would undercover police work exist at all?






#6. Dark Side of the Moon- I’m not talking about Pink Floyd’s album and how it supposedly syncs with The Wizard of Oz.  That’s totally true….and awesome.  We’re going back to science class again here.  The mere phrase ‘dark side of the moon’ is a misnomer. There is no such thing.  At least not a CONSTANT dark side, that is.  Exactly like Earth, sometimes one side of the moon is lit and sometimes the other.  The misconception stems from the fact that only one side of the moon is visible to us on Earth because it is tidally locked to our planet.  That means it takes exactly the same amount of time for the moon to rotate on its own axis as it does for it to rotate around the Earth.  Thusly, the same side is always facing us here at home.  So the next time someone uses this phrase ask them if they are referring to Floyd’s album.  Because it’s the only one that truly exists.






#5. The Great Wall of China is Visible From Space- For years, people have said that the Great Wall is the only man-made object visible from space.  Neil Armstrong still receives questions about it to this day.  In reality though, the nearly 5000 mile long wall is not visible at all from space.  Except for low Earth orbit.  If you were to go so far as the International Space Station for example, the wall would not be discernible from the surrounding area except under specific circumstances and with a camera lens not the naked eye.  That’s saying quite a bit as well.  Because the station is not very far into space to begin with.   It is only 250 or so miles above the surface of the Earth.  What you CAN plainly see from space are the lights of our cities when that particular side of the planet is not illuminated by the sun.  So our mass centers of population are truly the man-made objects that are visible from outer space.  Definitely, not a thirty foot wide wall in disrepair that blends into its surroundings.




reptilian elite


#4. The Reptilian Elite- This is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I have ever heard.  It states that our civilization is run by not only a secret organization like the Illuminati or the Freemasons, but that the members of this organization are actually reptilian aliens who have been controlling mankind for centuries.  This theory is mainly touted by former BBC sports reporter and certified nut-job, David Icke.  He literally claims that television shows like V have gotten the story correct and we are just denying the truth.  His books have been translated into at least eight languages and he has been invited to speak in 25 different countries.  His lectures regularly sell out and last eight or more hours.  He then whores his merchandise to the ignorant masses that attend and buy into his lizard lies.






#3. Nibiru- This myth purports that a planet revolves around our sun every 3600 years.  Originally written about by Zecharia Sitchin in 1976, it comes from his own personal “unique” translation of Sumerian cuneiform. “Psychic” Nancy Lieder then proclaimed that it would collide with Earth and cause the end of the world in 2003.  As you can see….we are all still here and now the planet is being linked to the wonderful Mayan doomsday prophecy that has inspired this article.  As usual, simple mathematics can debunk this one.  At least the part about it impacting Earth in December 2012.  If a planet had a 3600 year orbit around the sun and were due to impact in December 2012, then by April of 2012 that planet would be visible to the naked eye in every night sky.  It would appear as bright as the planet Mars which can be viewed without a telescope.  With all the observatories and millions of amateur astronomers out there, not a single person has noticed a brand new star in the sky.  Much less, a star consistently getting closer and due to smash into our planet in a week’s time.




moon landing


#2. Moon Landing Hoax- Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who truly believe that the Apollo mission to the moon was a hoax.  They claim NASA and Hollywood built it all on a sound stage in the desert and they have plenty of proof to back up their claims.  Sadly, their proof is all purely BAD SCIENCE.  Claims such as the flag planted on the surface seems to wave, no stars are visible in the pictures, and the footprints couldn’t have been made in the dust unless moisture was present to hold them in shape, can all be disproved with simple scientific fact.  The flag seemed to be waiving because there is a vertical bar across the top of the flag pole and it has just been placed into the ground.  Without any resistance from the air, the inertia of placing it in the ground kept it moving in the video.  No stars are visible because the moon’s surface reflects the sunlight.  There is an immense amount of glare which results in the inability to see the stars.  As for the footprints, lunar dirt is as fine as volcanic ash.  It can easily be compressed into the shape of the sole of a boot and the vacuum of space would keep them that way for quite a while.  Next time these cooks want to claim one of man’s greatest achievements was a hoax, the least they could do is get their science right.




Lastly, we come to my number one ridiculous belief held by many people.  I pray that none of you are members of this group and if so, I ask that you stop reading now and go check yourselves into a mental institution.  Because there is STILL an entire society out there who actually believes….






flat earth


#1. The Earth is Flat- The Flat Earth Society dates back many years, but the modern day version was founded by Samuel Shenton in 1956.  They claim, despite the vast array of evidence to the contrary, that the Earth is a flat disc with the Arctic circle at its center and Antarctica as a 150 foot tall wall of ice around its edge.  They even go so far as to claim that NASA guards this wall of ice to stop people from climbing over it and falling off the disc.  They believe our planet’s gravity is an illusion and there is an “anti-moon” that obscures the moon during lunar eclipses.  They believe all photos of the Earth as a globe are photoshopped and that GPS units are all rigged to make pilots believe they are flying in straight lines around a curved Earth, when in fact they are flying in circles around a flat disc.  Their silly astronomical beliefs go on and on, combining themselves with global conspiracies and just plain stupidity.  I don’t even feel the need to refute their claims here because they are so ludicrous that they make the reptilian elite people seem downright sensible.




There you have it, folks.  Eight beliefs people hold that are just as dumb, or worse, than the Mayan prophecies.  It goes to show you that it is impossible to get every person to agree on ANYTHING.  Not even that the Earth is round!  So, until next week… (There will be a next week, despite those silly Mayans) Allons-Y!!

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