8 Last Minute Geek Gifts

It’s December 21st and the Mayans were wrong.  Did you procrastinate in your Christmas shopping duties, expecting the end of the world to relieve you of the burden?  No need to worry, my friend.  I shall be your savior this week by counting down eight last minute gifts for the geek in your life.  I’m not talking about ordering something online and spending exorbitant amounts of money for overnight delivery.  We are going with either brick and mortar stores here or digital with no need to ship anything.  We’ll go in ascending order by price.  You can decide how much to spend on that last minute gift based on the guilt you feel for procrastinating, or the shame you feel for believing in the prophecies of some silly ancients.  Let’s begin…





#8. Batteries- If your geek is anything like me; they could always use more batteries.  Whether it’s for their game controller, remote control, sonic screwdriver, or you name it, they can never have enough.  The classic disposable copper tops are available anywhere and start are only a few bucks. I personally prefer to use the NiMH rechargeable variety.  I plug the charger in right by my Xbox and when I’m in the midst of a Call of Duty shootout, it’s simple to hop up and grab two new AA’s out of the charger and get right back into the fight.  You can also pick them up just about anywhere for around ten dollars, or twenty if you’re springing for the battery and the charging device.






#7. Kindle Book Gift- Everyone should have an e-reader.  For that matter, everyone should have a Kindle.  They are the world’s largest book store, you know.  Amazon allows anyone to purchase a digital book, and by merely knowing the email address of the gift recipient, send it directly to them.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home and can feel content in the fact that your beloved geek will almost instantaneously be enjoying that newest Game of Thrones novel.  Prices vary from dirt cheap to around twenty bucks.






#6. Moleskine Notebook- Does the geek in your life love to write Battlestar Galactica fan fiction?  Do they need somewhere to keep all those creative juices when not parked in front of a keyboard?  Maybe they just need somewhere to jot down their ideas for the next top eight list they have to write for their geek-themed website.  In any case, a Moleskine notebook is the answer.  These Italian-designed notebooks are basically the Louis Vuitton of paper binding.  Though, hardly priced the same.  Grab one at your nearest Barnes and Noble for anywhere from $12-$20.





#5. USB Wall Outlets- I know this one sounds a little weird, but hear me out.  How many devices does the geek you love have that need to be charged via some clunky USB adapter hanging out of a wall outlet?  How many of those adapters do they have lying around the house?  I personally have about five, I believe.  Well no more!  Not with the wonderful idea that is the USB wall outlet.  These replace your existing standard 110v wall outlets with ones containing two built-in USB charging ports.  Genius!!  Now they’re not wasting an outlet for every dongle that their devices come with.  They are simple to install, assuming you know how to replace an outlet to begin with.  If not…get help.  May I suggest having a father-in-law who is an electrician?  That’s what I have and it’s incredibly handy when I would rather not shock the crap out of myself doing something I really have no business attempting in the first place.  You can pick these amazing creations up at your local Home Depot for $27.99.






#4. Xbox Live Gift Card- Xbox Live isn’t cheap.  Although it’s worth it.  However, I bet the geek on your list would love to forget about that recurring charge on their credit card for a period of time.  You can accomplish this by grabbing an Xbox Live subscription card and stuffing it right in their stocking.  Grant your geek access to multiplayer online gaming, HD movies and television programming, and all the downloadable content their heart desires.  Pick one up at your local Target.  $24.59 for a three month subscription or really splurge and give them a whole year for only $48.99.




bioshock infinite


#3. Pre-Order BioShock Infinite- If your geek is a gamer, and I bet they are.  They have probably been awaiting the arrival of the new BioShock since they cruised through the sequel.  The wait is finally over!  Well….not really.  It doesn’t get released until March 26, 2013.  Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t order it now and have that baby waiting for them on its release date!  Plus, pre-ordering the game will also grant your geek the flash based BioShock Infinite themed game, Industrial revolution.  Swing by your nearest GameStop and drop a cool $59.99 for this soon to be best-seller.




surface tabet


#2. Microsoft Surface- Who needs an iPad when Microsoft is now producing a tablet computer?  All hail, Bill Gates!!  From its fancy little kickstand to its colored spill-resistant keyboard attachment, this tablet looks sharp.  It contains a full size USB port, SD card reader, and even an HD video out port.  It’s operated by the flashy new Windows 8 and gives the user access to favorites like Office and Xbox as well as Skype and any other apps you can find in the ever-growing library of the Windows Store.  It’s also cloud connected so you can access your content anywhere via SkyDrive.  Steve Jobs is gone.  He doesn’t need your money!  Give Billy Gates some of that hard earned cash by heading to your nearest Best Buy and grabbing up one of these babies starting at $499.




Finally…we’ve come to my number one last minute geek gift.  If your guilt and/or shame is just so unbelievingly devastating, and you just have to run out and drop a sum of money that would wash away the blackness from anyone’s soul.  Then empty your bank account and head out to purchase that wonderful geek in your life this…..





sharp aquos 90


#1. Sharp Aquos 90” LED Smart 3D HDTV- This is the mother of televisions right here.  Let’s begin with the fact that it’s 90 freakin’ inches!  It’s an LED 1080p display with a 5000:1 contrast ratio (8,000,000:1 dynamic).  It has built-in WiFi and is Smart enabled.  That allows the geek you love access to Netflix, Facebook, Skype, and many others via their television.  Nine inputs, two USB ports, audio and headphone outputs, and a built-in Ethernet port make this puppy one amazing television.  It’s only 4-5/8” deep and can even be mounted on the wall.  Provided you have a wall large enough to mount a 90” television on.  You’re going to need someone with a truck to assist you in going to Best Buy and purchasing one of these behemoths for a mere $9, 999.98.  I’m sure the geek in your life will appreciate it.




There you have it ladies and gentlemen.  These have been my top eight last minute geek gift ideas.  Next year don’t procrastinate…or listen to any more ancient prophecies.  Do your Christmas shopping in a timely manner and avoid having to expunge your guilt by purchasing a $10,000 television.  To all of the 8daysageek readers and staff, I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas.  Allons-y!!

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  1. I wish I’d had this when making my Christmas list! The USB post/outlet thing is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been drooling over the Surface for a while now. Can we just use this list to shop for ourselves?

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