A Rambler Don Book Review!

Today’s book is Great Buildings by Philip Wilkinson

I won’t lie. I had some problems with this book. First I didn’t like that it had the glossary in the back. This book would have really benefited with a terminology page in the front or at least with small keys throughout the book as the terms got used. My gripe with this is that as a coffee table book this didn’t need to be so heavy into things the common laymen wouldn’t understand. Most people will honestly pick this book up for the pictures, most likely from a coffee table during a boring party.

My second gripe is that when I think of great buildings I very rarely picture modern architecture in my mind. This book is very heavy on the modern side when it come structures built after 1800. It does have some neat features on neat buildings from earlier times but as the book is structured into time periods, the tail end is very dominated by modern buildings I could care less about.

Now what really shown like a star in this book are the pictures. The photography in this book is downright amazing. It is beyond amazing, it is beautiful.

I wouldn’t recommend this book as a gift or anything of those sorts. What I would say though is that if you are someone who likes photography and needs a coffee table book for when you have guests over, get this book. Guests will enjoy looking at it, especially children, and you will at least enjoy those gorgeous pictures.

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