Geek TV Review: American Dad Season 8 Premiere

In the season premiere of American Dad, Roger opens up bar in the attic of the Smith home. When it fails miserably, he hires Hailey, whom he overhears singing in the shower, to sing in it. The town falls in love with Hailey, and roger’s bar soon becomes the place to be. As the town is smitten with Hailey, Roger begins to take a liking to her as well. This quickly turns into an obsession, and Roger ends up going all Fatal Attraction on Hailey, even skinning Jeff and wearing his skin as mask to be closer to Hailey. Throughout this entire ordeal, Stan is trying to get rid of his SUV in order to purchase the new C.O.K. Guzzler (yes that is what it’s called), a new Hummer-like SUV. The Stan trying to get a new car storyline plays second fiddle to the Roger and Hailey storyline, but is equally as entertaining.

I found this season premiere absolutely hilarious. It seems as though all the biting, laugh out loud humor that Family Guy once benefitted from has done a mass exodus to American Dad. This episode had several moments that made me laugh hard, and roger once again steals the show. That is not at all taking away from the other members of the Smith family. Each character seems to carry their own weight in this episode, even with some having minimal roles. This is truly what I expect from the season premiere of a Seth Macfarlane creation. I really hope that this is only the first of many more hilarious episodes to come.

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