TWIG: Borderlands 2, we’re vault hunting… again.

borderlands_2_logoDon’t let those ellipses fool you, I’m not disappointed. I liked the main missions for Borderlands, it was the collecting every little thing for everything else that drove me crazy. We’re still doing that in the sequel, but the main missions are interesting and Handsome Jack is someone you love to hate. And Claptrap is still someone you want to hate, but he has some fantastically funny lines. The humor is much more abundant in this one.


The new characters are more talkative then before, and our old characters are still just as active as before, if not a little addicted to the strange purple stones we have to collect, Eridium. (I’m a little sad they are NPCs. I miss Bloodwing!) I’m not a big fan of the newest class, the Gunzerker. His skill is certainly helpful in a pinch when you need the extra power, but when compared to someone else, like the Siren, it’s all right. 19e9760fb0ff21f7a77f2d1f4f5e81a4_content_large

Since the vault opened the siren’s powers have become more.. uh… purple, powerful, and psychic. Our new assassin, Zero, can turn invisible and increase his melee attack to effectively assassinate or massively damage the single enemy he targets. The commando still has a turret, and is cute, per my sister. The costume customization is more extensive, and if you have a saved Borderlands game then you get a specially themed Borderlands suit for each character.

Some of the new enemies are tough. The old ones are still there – midgets a plenty. The Spiderants and Skags show up fairly early in the game, as well as some new animal-creatures called Bullymongs. Don’t worry, you can change their name later. Since the ending of Borderlands, a lot of new enemies have cropped up. Enemies with flame throwers. (Insert agitation here.)

Our favorite NPCS, like Moxxie, Scooter and Dr. Ned are back. We also get to meet Scooter’s sister.

Borderlands_2_Screenshots_13422370122357Weapons, Pick ups, Graphics

There’s a new elemental weapon, the Slag, as well as the other elements from Borderlands. The Slag is purple and massively lowers your enemies defenses for a few moments.  I’ve run across a lot of new guns that are more powerful early on in the game but take more ammo per shot to provide you that extra kick. Their designs are brighter and have more graphics on them. It certainly adds variety to the big chunk of screen the gun takes up.

Pick ups are much better. Money and needed ammo automatically go into your inventory. You still pick up weapons and quest items as you go. When playing with a group you can hold down the pick up button and disperse it to them.

Graphics are a little more detailed, but the style is all the same. The new areas are just as interesting as the old ones; the environment of Pandora have certainly changed a little since the vault opened and Eridium changed everything. The new menu screens will take some time to get used to. They are more holographic, less flat. I like the old ones better, but the new ones are functional and work well. I will always like the old backpack screen better.  borderlands-2-5


So much fun! It’s best with a group of people. The experience gain is better and the loot is better—the game screens even say so. They took some of the annoying out of Borderlands and added good. Claptrap is still a main character, so… I can’t say I’m totally in love, but Gearbox and their fellows did a great job on this sequel.  There’s a season pass available for the guaranteed DLC that will all be released by July of 2013.

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