The Fabricate-Teacher’s Strike

Music Rap/Rock group Gym Class Heroes is stepping in to save the day in Chicago. “We’re more than just a name…” said lead vocalist Travie McCoy. “We came together as a group because we were literal gym class heroes. It’s time for us to bring those powers forth once again.” McCoy plans to bring his vocal powers and possibly the powers of flight and super strength to battle bullies in Chicago and get these teachers back to work.

Drummer Matt McGinley agreed with his co-founder and friend. Though unsure of the exact details of the strike he’s sure it has to do with some sort of Gym Class Villain of whom they as the Gym Class Heroes are used to fighting. He recounted a time in ninth grade where one “Gym Class Villain” was attempting to put cyanide into the mystery meat at their caff. McGinley said, he, McCoy, and the rest of the Heroes thwarted the cyanide and murdered the villain.

Murder may not be the resolution Teacher’s in Chicago are looking for, but they’re in for the long haul and if worse comes to worse murder may well be in the cards. Their primary agenda is being held accountable to some sort of fair standards and not just standardized test scores, which typically run lower in poor communities where home life and school life may not layer very well. Other concerns are the pay raises that were with held recently and provisions for teacher’s who have been laid-off. Heavy criticism has come down on the part of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Teacher’s Unions as well as all Unions have been criticized heavily by the Republican party so Emanuel’s decisions have left them in a quandary.

One thing’s for certain, now that the Gym Class Heroes are involved, some Gym Class Heroing will be underway. So all Gym Class Villains, be them Rahm Emanuel, teacher’s over whelming demands, Unions, or cyanide bullies should take notice. This strike will end now and it will end hard. Thank you Gym Class Heroes.


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