iOS App-Aholics Anonymous DUAL EDITION: [Mole Kart 2 Evolution / Megatroid Chapter Two]

This is what happens when Apple hogs the spotlight. 🙂 With Apple’s massive keynote event clogging up the headlines, this past week in iOS gaming was a bit…er, stale. How can we keep it exciting for you wonderful folks? Easy. We put in some overtime to make sure you have enough to read until next week’s iOS-3A! Thus, 8DAG presents the first ever Dual Edition of App-Aholics Anonymous!

Below, we have a previously-released game that has just received a fairly-anticipated update. Today, we will also cover another title that uses older-school gaming to bring a modern experience to the realm of mobile gaming.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

App Name: Megatroid
Developer: Triolith Entertainment
Latest Update: 9-12-12
Price: FREE
App-Aholic Rating: 4/5
Watch it Here: Official Game Trailer


I know what you’re thinking: “Haven’t you already reviewed this game?” Indeed, you are correct, but it deserves a second look. Here’s why:

Triolith Entertainment, the developer of the free-to-play platformer, Megatroid, has done a fantastic job at updating Megatroid with the latest tweaks, upgrades, and general enhancements. The latest addition? Well of course, it’s that “chapter two” they’ve been promising! Here’s what they’ve been up to.


What’s New? Quite a few things, actually. Since the original release of Megatroid a little over a month ago, the game has experienced many different changes. First up, the UI was updated to accommodate larger font sizes and to operate on a more refined layout.

For Chapter Two, the stages have been updated to include some new locations, as well as some new landscaped layouts. The second difference you’ll notice (almost immediately) are the updated enemies; the old ones remain, but some new ones have been added, and they are certainly stronger than their predecessors. Also, the length of each level seems to have been expanded just a bit farther than previously.

Bottom Line: Megatroid is still a fantastic platformer that many will feel familiar enough with to love. Not only that, but Triolith’s great attention to detail and frequent updates to the playability and interface(s) of this game makes Megatroid a must-have, especially since its still FREE!

Now, moving on….

App Name: Mole Kart 2: Evolution
Developer: Shanghai Taomee Network Technology Co. ltd
Launch Date: 9-11-12
Price: $0.99
App-Aholic Rating: 3.5/5


In a word? You probably already guessed it: MarioKart! The first rendition of Mole Kart dropped onto the AppStore as a priced racing kart game. After being subjected to scrutiny, based on its blatant likeness to MarioKart, Mole Kart was removed and thought never to return. Nevertheless, about a month later, Mole Kart made its way back to the AppStore as a free-to-play. Now, just to prove they haven’t stepped on any copyrighted toes, Mole Kart returns again with their sequel, Evolution.


What’s Good? It’s classic MarioKart for your hand-held device. That sounds fun, right?

What’s Bad? It’s classic MarioKart for your hand-held device! Not everyone appreciates a copycat. But since Nintendo, thusfar, has refused to mesh with the AppStore, this is the closest you’ll probably get (at least for now) to having the real thing.


App-Aholic Rating: 3.5/5 While it was a nice attempt, and the graphics are nice, the overall package just isn’t there. There’s not a lot of originality. There’s also not a lot of difference from Evolution to the original Mole Kart. These reasons add up to a only slightly above-average gaming experience.

Sum It Up: It’s a buck to play. Usually, I will fully endorse a free–$1 game, since a dollar is a reasonable investment for a mobile gaming adventure. MK Evolution, however, is a game that wouldn’t break your heart to miss, should you decide to spend your dollar elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Mole Kart Evolution is somewhat entertaining but easily forgettable. Only true die-hard MarioKart fans may appreciate this one to its full extent.

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