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It’s Sunday and time for a Geekend Review. It’s been a pretty light week in Geek. Borderlands 2 hit the shelves hard, a few more fall TV shows blessed us with their comedic presence. Apple files more suits against Samsung. Judge Dredd is dead in the water. But it was really slow and not a lot happened unless you’re a political junkie and you wanna talk about the 47% and Mitt Romney’s fake tan.

Borderlands Dos is rocking it hard and most likely the biggest news out this week. Please go read TWIG for a review of why this is so awesome and you should go buy it right now, quit your job and play it for the rest of the week before you find another job. It’s been a highly anticipated game for awhile and it hit shelves just a few days passed and is already the biggest talk in game news, garnering a 9/10 from IGN and a 9.75 from Game Informer. Like I said, read our review for more deets.


You can read Steven Brewer’s review of Dredd 3D on the main page. I read it, and that guy loved the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gives it mostly positive reviews and audiences give it even more. Reviewing well above the original which is mostly adored by die hard fans as a cult classic. However, dispite the fact that it seems to be mostly enjoyed by those who have seen it, no one is seeing it. It finished the week in 6th place behind even Finding Nemo 3D which is a re-release and in it’s second week. I suggest see it for yourself and be the Judge, pun intended.


This week the Office and Parks and Rec had their fall premiers. Parks was awesome. Ben is in Washington and Leslie stopped by, wigged out, and said some funny ****. Of course Ron is the reason we all watch Parks and he was great. The Office is still going strong, not sure what they’re going to do this season but I know Donna Noble is back and staying as a regular member of the cast for awhile. Looking forward to Community, Arrow, Elementary, and Big Bang though. But two more to mark off the list was better than nothing.

Like I said at the start, lackluster week in Geek. Watch SNL weekend updates to catch some good political satyr. The Republican nominee for president had some fun gaffs last week and SNL  does some brilliant skits. I don’t think they covered how he dyed his skin brown to appeal to latinos, but they do some brilliant bits on the secret recording where he calls 47% of Americans dependent on Government with a sense of entitlement and makes the claim that he doesn’t intend to even go after their votes.

Looper starring Jospeph Gordon-Levvit came out and it looks pretty sci-fi and nerd alley, but… as far as I can tell no one has reviewed it for us yet, and I haven’t seen it. Heard good things. Some big TV coming in next week, and more earth shattering geek news. So I’ll bring the thunder then. Go out and make geek news. Until then, I’ll see you next week.


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