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Last night on 9/11 the first major fall show premiered. Sons of Anarchy has been making us wait with… maybe bated breath, last season was okay. The complications with gangs and cartels and power struggles may be becoming a tad too complex and I have to admit I have been lagging.

I watched the first two seasons of SoA on Netflix and then I had to wait several months for the third season to drop. I was captivated from the first episode on during those first two seasons. Watching Jax drop to his knees and scream after Able when Irish was getting away was the last heart felt moment the show had. Until tonight. I suppose some might argue thedeath of senior member Piney tugged at the Ol’ heart strings a bit. I say different. But to each their own.


The problem with Piney’s death was that, first of all we all saw it coming. Love Piney and love his boy, but it was exactly a shock. The biggest exclamation was the fact that they actually followed through. It is so easy for a show to take the easy way out and have everyone hug their problems away, but SoA has always been a show about putting their characters through the ringer. They raped Gemma for Christ’s sake! Sent most the gang to jail and has made some of our favorites commit the SoA equivalent of treason.


The biggest drop (spoiler alert!), they run Tig through the ringer harder than any other up to this point. Debatable I know. How hard is to have a friend murder your father, Opie? How hard is it to know that you created the situation that resulted in the retaliated rape of your mother, Jax? But the death of a child? I can only imagine. That is the one damned thing that has actually caused me to feel real human feelings during this show. This ep more than any other. And the way they did it! God it was nuts. I couldn’t NOT imagine tearing my wrist to pieces trying to break out of cuffs in that situation. Some gang member is about to set your daughter on fire.

The premier ep was a tad slow, and they didn’t exactly make the whole gang/cartel/other gang sitch any easier to decipher. I’m not even sure it makes sense. It probably does but I veg out during a show, you have to be obvious. I get it, seriously, but it’s not as interesting seeing gangster politics. What I want to see is racist manipulating the gang and local cops bringing down the heat.

The biggest scenes from last nights ep were the crazy sitch with Tig, who is a disturbing and lovable character. We met Dawn last season and they brought her back this season to break our hearts. It was nuts. The other big bit was Clay admitting to the death of Piney. It was obviously a power play, and wasn’t as shocking but still… Clay is a dick. And he continues to show it. ¬†All in all good episode. I hope they keep up the goodness. Also, I’m interested to see how Jimmy Smitts fits in with the show. Any way you slice it, a solid four of five stars. And a good time was had by all.



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