Top 8 Cosplays: Wizard World Chicago 2012

There were a ton of excellent cosplays this year, I had to narrow it down to only 8, so if you want to see the rest check out our coverage! Here they are the top 8 costumes of WWC 2012!


Wow. Commitment from Pete White here am I right. I know Boy Detective has a giant head, but this is as close to real life as you’re gonna get!



Some of you may recognize the beautiful IKearstin as Jean Grey/Marvel Girl from last years WWC and her first place spot as Scarlett witch. That’s last years Vision beside her as Cyclops too. I wasn’t as blown away with these costumes as much as I was last year, but that Angel is pretty awesome anyways.



This guy went with what he knows. How many times do you suppose someone tells him he looks like Rick Moranis? The whole thing from top to bottom was fun and original, a well deserved spot on the list



This combo is strange. An original design Mr.Freeze and a lady Riddler, but I love the liberties taken here. The suit was wired to light up and his make up was excellent, all together an amazing cosplay couple.



I love attention to detail. This excellent Harvey Birdman really blew me away. I honestly loved this original idea, the only Birdman I’ve ever seen at a con.



This guy went all out. The makeup was amazing, even around his eyes there wasn’t a smear or a line. If I wasn’t the genius I am, I would of thought that this was the real Darth Maul.



The pose, the smile, the blood, what an amazing Cassidy. An obscure character given the love that this guy gave to Cassidy is the reason I love cosplay so much. He was even drinking!



This guy sold it. The chin and frown made me hopeful for the new Dredd movie. He was really tall as well, which helped with the intimidation factor. On top of everything, he stayed in character, giving out citations for photographing a court ordained judge. Good job Dredd.


Thanks again every one, check out our coverage and tell us if you or anyone you know is pictured!


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