Geek Movie Review: Hit & Run

3073-G_2_HIT&RUN 70x100 OP 50%There’s usually something about video game releases in this spot, right? Well, not today. (I will tell you that Bastion releases on the iPad 2 today, though. Awesome!) I watched a movie instead. A  new movie. It’s a little on the violent side at times, and maybe a little raunchy in a couple parts, but it has cars and Kristen Bell.

It had its more serious parts, but overall it was really funny. I may not always like Dax Shepard in his other movies, but I have to say he did a really good job writing, co-directing, and starring in this film. I highly enjoyed it, and it will probably be one I end up buying because a) I like the cars and b) there aren’t enough movies with full frontal nudity of a very, very old man.  You’ve been warned.

In short, the story goes like this. Real life couple Dax and Kristen play a movie couple. He’s in witness protection, she knows, in a small town where she works at the local college for the hilarious Kristin Chenoweth. Kristen C. tells Kristen B. that she has a job interview in LA, 500 miles away, and she has to get there by the next day or so. Dax and Kristen pack up and head over, and while on the way Tom Arnold, Dax’s witness protection guy and US Marshal, follows him. So does Kristen’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Rosenbaum (who I love, don’t tell my boyfriend), because he doesn’t trust Dax. hit-and-run

The guys that Dax put in jail, hence the Witness Protection, find out what’s going on and the big chase ensues. The loving couple have to deal with his past and sort through the issues that arise from all of the fun, fun movie action. I’ll tell you now we get a happy ending, which wasn’t hard to predict. But now, let’s get to the important stuff. Cars.

HitandRun-LincolnDaxWe have a 1967 Lincoln Contintental with suicide doors, and 700 HP. It’s a very loud car; it’s beautiful and belongs to Dax Shepard as one of his personal vehicles. I thought Kristen and Dax looked pretty comfortable driving around in it… Bradley Cooper and company drive around in a red Cadillac CTSV wagon, which grew on me by the time the movie ended. It is also fairly fast, it somehow kept up with the Lincoln pretty easily. There’s a Pontiac Solstice, but we don’t care about those. A 2000s model Corvette shows up, as well as an off road buggy that looks like it is very fun to drive, a Prius, and a van that gets shot up and smashed with a bowling ball.

The story is predictable and there’s nothing spectacular about it that really stands out, but it’s solid. There’s no gaps that leave you questioning what happened, and it is consistently funny and really sweet at times, especially in moments between the couple. Do you like car chases and comedy? Then you’ll like this. If you like one or the other, this one will be hit or miss. No pun intended.

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  1. I agree with this review. The movie was pretty cute. I was kind of shocked to find out Dax was into racing and that the Lincoln was his. He and Kristen actually named their daughter Lincoln. Anyway, it was a good movie. Loved the action.

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