8 People We Want To See In An Ensemble Cast

We recently discussed who we would like to see in an ensemble cast. Particularly The Expendables 3, should they make one. But recently there was a bit on NPR discussing the best of the best ensemble casts; Kill Bill, Oceans Eleven, Seven Samurai and many others. So we’re going to do a list of ensemble casts we’d like to see.

8. All Funny People- I’d like to a see a movie version of the Laff-A-Lympics featuring every comedy pack. Seth Rogan, with Johnah Hill, Will Ferrel with John C. Ruley, Sarah Silverman, with someone who likes Sarah Silverman. Steve Carell and John Stewart. Any other comedy duo+ teamed up in a race with non stop comedy action.

7. Expendables 3- The Expendables is likely to make a 3rd installment and thinking of all the action stars they can pull from I’d like to see Mr. T, Clint Eastwood (maybe as some sort of elderly experienced guy leading over communications before he shows up  at the end to save the day), and Tom Cruise. Several of you just threw up a litte thinking about another Ton Cruise movie. I almost included Katie Holmes as well, so be thankful. But look back at your action movie icon history. I can’t throw Patrick Swayze into the mix. The only other guy who’s been rocking it since the 80’s is Tom Cruise.

6. Bridesmaids Sequel- I believe they may have already made a sequel to the first movie. If they have than obviously I’m aiming for part 3, but if not let’s toss this into the 2 spot. A nice ensemble of the funniest women alive. Kristen Bell is a toss up in this, since she’s not funny per say, but she’s always playing some slightly funny role in an uber nerd production. Like to see Aubrey Plaza and maybe Sarah Silverman in this as well.

5. The Avengers- Now I’m not including Barrack to be racist, and shame on anyone who would think that (unless the fact that I’m including him is somehow racist). But someone has to play Black Panther, and he may be looking for a job after the first of the year. Also, Walter White from Breaking Bad will be great in any science role as Ant Man. Brad Pitt as the Sentry would draw such a huge crowd.


4. Asian Action Film- I love me some anime, and I love some hard core Asian action cinema. Chow Yun Fat has played some of the most amazing action sequences, as have Tony Jaa, and Jet Li. I’d love to see these guys to some sort of team up or opposition film where they all three fight at some point. who wouldn’t… really?


3. Character  Actors- While a lose interpretation of what exactly encompasses a character actor the most amazing of movies could be created by character actors. I personally think of a character actor as someone who can completely encompass a role from every aspect no matter how specific, some may differ. However, most character actors are seen as genius in their field and a radical movie involving as many as these fools as we can get ours hands on may have us believing in whatever nonsense.

2. JLA- Collectively of course we’d have to love to see a JLA movie. If they were to somehow pull off a JLA movie, which can never really happen, these are the best options for it. Katie Sackhoff as Wonder Woman. Maybe she’d suck, but Wonder Woman would be a hard role. you have to seem both tough and feminine. If it’s possible, Kaie Sackhoff is our girl. Micheal Rosenbaum as Superman. This maybe create some controversy but Lex never delivered all of what Rosenbaum was capable of. No one can disagree with Sam Witwer as Buce/Batman.

1. All Star Cast- Before they are too old, and they may be past that point already, but the biggest and best names in the business need to compile themselves into some sort of film compiling everything their body of talent comprises. I can’t cay everyone who deserves to be on this list. Maybe Elizabeth Shue, and Ralph Machio. Maybe others. But somewhere there is a list of the who’s who of celebrity personas that sincerely make up Hollywood, And if we can put them together in an epic masterpiece it may make our minds explode. Or maybe it’ll suck, and at least give some form of justification to people who hate the celebs and their success. The World may never know.


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