TWIG: The Best Joker You’ll Ever See

This week game releases are quite slow. So slow, in fact, that nothing of note is coming out. While I was tumbling around Tumblr the other day I ran across the best cosplay of Joker I have ever seen, and today that is what we are going to look at: amazing cosplays in the game and comic world, as the title suggested.

Anthony Misiano as The Joker.

Read an interview with him over at Ivy’s Cosplayground.



As you can see, the attention to detail and texture really make this stand out. With the cosplay I’ve seen over the years, I’ve noticed that fabric choice is usually the one thing that really gets people. There a ton of other things too, but fabric is the main culprit. Don’t go cheap! If I ever get into costuming, I hope to be half as good as this guy.


Look at this magnificent costume. Look at it! The interview (link above) does a great job of explaining why he chose what he chose, and which artists he took inspiration from. Compare this pristine look to the unpolished look of Christopher Nolan’s/Heath Ledger’s Joker it’s almost like they are two completely different characters. But still, I wouldn’t want to run into either one of them. Ever.

While we’re on costuming and cosplay, I’m going to recommend checking out Jared Axelrod. His costumes vary from original design to reproductions, plus he’s a good writer and has an interesting blog. Check him out here.

I apologize for the lack of gaming news, folks… but maybe this inspired you to watch some Batman, or play some Arkham!

Just in case you’re wondering what I’m playing, as I sometimes add that in here, I’m playing through Skyrim again as a female Altmer, but avoiding all the main quests and just doing whatever I want with it this time around. After this weekend I’ll be playing the second Alice game that came out late last year or so. Sales on Amazon are so very nice. (I’ll also be knitting, and you can follow me on twitter to see the progress of that.)

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link, Rachel! I appreciate it.

  2. No problem! You’re an inspiration on my tumblr. I have started my own crafts station in the hopes that my cloth-working skills will get better, and to the point that I can start making my own wearable things.

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