Geeks on Sports: London Olympics 2012 – Equestrian Events

Event Dates: Saturday July 28 – Thursday August 9

Medal Events: 6

Athletes: 200



Geeks on Sports previewer Tim Blacksmith here today to tell you all about Equestrian Events, a series of events so enticing they limited its coverage from all three events separately to one on the official Olympics website.


I should start by saying I like horses.  They are magnificent creatures capable of helping cowboys and wranglers in the old west rob stage coaches.  But in today’s modern age of the automocar their value is much more in show than in use.

Participants in the Equestrian events at the London Olympics will be competing in either team or individual events.  There are six in events in all: Team Dressage, Individual Dressage, Team Eventing, Individual Eventing, Team Jumping, Individual Jumping.

I would love to tell you that this is going to be fun to watch and that it’s definitely worth your time.  But other than the Jumping events it would basically equate to watching a dog show.  The horses are done-up real nice and made to look pretty but there’s not any skill involved.  I’m sure I’ll hear it from the droves of equine lovers out there about the majesty of the sport and how it has existed for centuries and I should show it some respect.

Courtesy of London 2012

If you have a sincere appreciation for horses and want to see some incredibly beautiful ones on display, then pull up a chair and feast your eyes on the screen.  But if not, there will be plenty of other events to enjoy!

Courtesy of London 2012



To see where to watch this or your other favorite sports, check out NBC’s coverage in your local area.


I hope you have enjoyed this preview of the 2012 London Olympics Equestrian events.  Continue to check 8DaysAGeek for more previews of Olympic events.


This is Geeks on Sports previewer Tim Blacksmith signing off.



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