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It’s been the biggest and brightest week in geek… kind of. For some of you, you’ve been submersed eyeballs deep in Nerd Mecca in San Diego. There’s news beyond news coming from that corner of the realm but first we’ll touch on a few other things. The final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad kicks off tonight, Major changes have been announced to rock Marvel to its core, and along those lines a trailer for the Deadpool video game breaks necks and bounces checks, first glimpses released during comic con. So let’s begin this geekend wrap-up.

Spider-man falls into second place this week at the box office. Ice Age part 7: Ice Age in Space, took the top spot bringing in roughly eleven million more than our second favorite web slinging super hero in a blue and red suit (j to the k, he’s obviously our first favorite web slinging super hero who wears a blue and red suit). Ice Age brought in a cool 46 Million dollars, which is oddly enough 46 million more dollars than I currently have. Good job Ice Age!





Among the many amazing things that were announced at Comic Con this past week in San Diego, the most exciting or one of, not counting the Godzilla concept trailer and all the Marvel gossip, had to be the Deadpool VG trailer. Wade Wilson, the gun-toting sword-slinging foul-mouthed mercanary is set to star in his very own video game in the near future. The trailer seemed super awesome. My only reserve is, when you play Deadpool in Marvel vs Capcom he’s bad ass… and annoying after about three attacks. He narrates the sounds of his guns firing and it gets old fast. A whole 10-hour video game may be too much.


Marvel announced their second round of movies. The list is as follows.

-Iron Man 3 Which will be awesome. Just hope they pick a good villain. But they seem to keep improving on the Iron Man movies. Set for release in May of 2013

-Thor: The Dark World set for release Nov. 8th 2013 Thor skates a grey area for me, but there is so much they can do with it. I’ll keep my expectations in the middle

-Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is the movie to watch, I’m calling it now. Cap 1 was a good movie, falling just shy of the expectations set by Iron Man. But the Winter Soldier story line is really, really, really good. Unfortunately it won’t be out until April of 2014

-Guardians of the Galaxy. I am excited about this one. We will learn more about Thanos who we saw will be in the Avengers 2 with the post credits teaser during the first movie. Watch for it in August of 2014

2012 Comic Con in San Diego has come and gone. If you are an avid internet explorer and you have accounts on twitter and a google+ profile etc then you have probably caught more coverage than ever before. It gets bigger every year, and this year was no different as far as growth. Quickly tumbling into a digital age where everything is shared and linked, poked and prodded, Comic Con was at the front of every image delivery system and news outlet in existence. Twitter was a non stop stream of teasers and cosplay. Joss Whedon announced his plans on a Dr Horrible 2 and told why he can’t bring Wash back in a potential new run of Firefly.


I’ve posted some of the news and announcements up top but it was huge and to list them all would take time. My favorites were the talk of Darth Maul’s future on Clone Wars. Of course the Marvel news and Deadpool game were exciting. Apparently there is a Godzilla concept teaser that blew every mind with in a four mile radius but no footage other than a few stills have been released. WANT SEE BADLY! (That is my Hulk impersonation) Segway from the Hulk drop, Marvel teased a new animated Hulk centralized series for Cartoon Network. Looks interesting. Eliza Dushku will be voicing She-Hulk and she rocks on her own so it’s better than not having her.

Now tonight, after a wait that has been too long, the AMC hit TV show Breaking Bad about a cancer survivor and High School chemistry teacher who turns into a meth dealer premiers it’s final season. After seeing the twisted way Walter White dealt with drug lord Gus it will definitely be interesting to see how he and Jesse make their way through the world and the after math of this drug war. Breaking Bad has been a serious roller coaster show that may or may not have been conceived by the devil. If you don’t watch it yet, start, it’s on Netflix. If you do watch, holy hell, you know what I’m talking about. Watch for our review.

Well, that’s it. San Diego was the biggest news of the week and I’m sure the news from it will still be rifted through and dealt out over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted. If you’d like to keep the convo rolling feel free to comment below or follow us on twitter. @werewolforigin for me or @8daysageek for the rest of the gang. Drop an email or otherwise. Until next time. The End


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