Bin Fodder: The Authority – Part 2


As Ellis transitions into the second arc of The Authority he starts to delve into the history of some of the characters more; specifically that of Jenny Sparks.  As someone who has been alive for a century she certainly has one helluva lot of baggage and it rears its ugly head in these issues.


This arc, entitled Shiftships, introduces us to an alternate Earth where aliens made contact in a very overt way back in the 16th century.  They inter-bred with humans; though this often met with failure due to the weakness of most human females to withstand carrying a “Blue” child to term.


True to his form of being evil for evil’s sake and making us hate the villains so much we are crying out for justice by the time the hero finally attacks, Ellis makes these aliens complete assholes.  And by the third issue we come to know that these “Blues” spread their vile over all the Earth through slavery and the establishment of rape camps.  No joke.


See what I mean?  Warren Ellis is a twisted fuck, but a damn good writer.


Jenny Sparks had fought and then eventually worked with, through her position in the British military, these alternate Eartheans from what was colloquially known as “Sliding Albion”.


In the case of these issues Sliding Albion is invading Earth purely due the stagnation of their own society.  Their civilization crumbling the Blues, led by the wretch known as Regis (whose end comes by a most interesting and entertaining method) launch an attack on the still rebuilding Los Angeles.  Met in force by The Authority and pushed back through the rift the battle seems stalled, but the Blues track their signal to the Carrier and invade.


Taking exception to being attacked on their home turf, The Authority take the fight to these alternate reality jags and wipe the floor with them using the Carrier to wreak serious havoc.


This alternate Earth freed from their villainous overlords, the Authority return through the Bleed and set their sights on making their home a safer place.


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