HeroesCon 2012


My favorite thing I’ve written about so far has been Comic Book Conventions.  It felt as though I was writing a cultural tour guide. Comic books can be comprehended by most people from some childhood memory of Halloween costumes, Saturday morning cartoons or Hollywood Blockbusters, but Comic Book Conventions are still very mysterious gatherings to most non-geeks.

This past weekend I was so thrilled to represent 8 Days a Geek and My Lil Geeks at Charlotte’s HeroesCon.  The guest of Honor was the Legendary Stan Lee and I had a blast.  My “job” was to talk to parents about our website and my column, hand out free temporary tattoo’s and ask kids what comics they love.  I will spare everyone (for now) the all of the geeky moments and conversations I had with folks and just show you what a blast it was.  I hope to see you all there next year.

I present to you my story in a picture:

Wish you were there.

Until next time remember, Sidekicks Rule.

If you have any suggestions for future articles or comic questions you might want answered, let me know at [email protected].  You can also follow me on Twitter @mylilgeeks and/or @billystrick .


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