Geek Movie Review: The Avengers

Was The Avengers worth all the hype? I watched every Avengers start up and even the shorts so that I would experience this movie with the most informed geek mind possible. So, was it worth it? Let me break it down a little easier for you with some pros and cons. Pros, we always start with the good, it softens the blow of the cons, the pros, where do I start.

First, and honestly the most important for me is we finally see a good Hulk. This Hulk is angry and strong, and without knowing it, funny. No Ang Lee trying to add emotional layers to it, no Norton wanting more camera time than Hulk, sure Ruffallo was perfect as Banner, but dammit if The Hulk doesn’t steal the show when you see it.

The story is strong too, an alien invasion started by the god of mischief somehow makes perfect sense, and Loki’s constant bitching really helped to seal the idea that he would do something this terrible. The team isn’t perfect, it takes a tragic event to pull them together properly, and tragic is an understatement. Thor showing up even though at the end of Thor we were told he was stuck in Asgard was explained as well, even some of the side characters get an explanation of why they didn’t show up, fantastic stuff. Plus, there is some mystery at the end that you will be glad you saw.

The heroes worked together, I believe we got to see everyone team up in different combinations throughout the film, and whether you like the clever tactics of Cap and Iron Man or the smash tactics of Thor and Hulk, you get to see them along side each other. Just seeing Thor take a swing at Cap’s shield made me so excited, this was a risky move putting all of these leads in a movie, but it worked so well.

The Con’s are fewer, and a bit fanboyish, but here they go. First, WAY too much Hawkeye and Black Widow, I didn’t come to see people use conventional weapons and not flip cars. Cap seems to be put on the back burner a bit as well, serving mostly as a filler between the flashiness that is Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. I have never really like Black Widow anyway, and even though she was much better in this film, she was still kind of boring. Hawkeye just seemed to be struggling, luckily they used him as a weakness check for the villains which made him more palatable, I would of still rather saw Giant Man and Wasp take the place of these two.

My only other complaint was that S.H.I.E.L.D. seemed useless, other than to serve as an awesome area for one of the better fights they really didn’t have a purpose. I like these guys as much as the next guy, but circumstances that would ruin a surprise of the film won’t let me get too much into to detail. Let’s just say that all the fun that has been created in previous movies with S.H.I.E.L.D. was removed in this one. The emotion that each other movie played with was ignored for the most part by this juggernaut.

Over all this movie was still A+ material, Taking my top spot from Hunger Games as Geek movie of the year. An instant addition into my  movie collection, and one of the best cinematic experiences as a whole that I’ve had in a while. The movie needed more heart, but it still delivered.


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