Geek Movie Review: Dark Shadows

So. I dreaded going to see this, but now I wish I would of saw it sooner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was surprised how Burton and company were able to breath a second life into this long dead franchise (pun intended). Yes, this reboot was unnecessary, but I thought it worked well and even more so Depp’s Barnabas was a classic vampire, sunlight hurt him and he was blood thirsty, the way they should be.


The movie had lots of ups; solid performances, cool visuals (and some very Beetlejuice like scenes), funny jokes (Alice Cooper anyone?), and a solid set up for future movies, if they happen. I will say this, a scene depicting a red haired Helena Bonham Carter blowing a vampire Johnny Depp to a Danny Elfman arrangement is how I will describe every Tim Burton movie forever.



The movie had downs as well, like a cram packed story that had little pacing, some inexplicable reactions by some characters, and of course a SPOILER ALERT randomly inserted bad CGI werewolf Chloe Grace Moretz. I still will give the film a solid B-, I laughed out loud multiple times and that takes a lot.

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  1. It had the right amount of cow bell

  2. Hey its Steve…talked to u today about stuff with my boys and I just wanted to let you know I signed on…looks like a pretty cool site…I really want to see this movie I’m a burton fan bigtime. Anyway, what should I do to submit a script or story?

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