Apple App-Aholics Anonymous (Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel)

App Name: Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel
Developer: Com2uS Inc.
Price: FREE & $2.99 (PLUS Edition)
App-Aholic Rating: 3.5/5


South Korean developer, Com2uS, is no stranger to the gaming scene, pumping out decent titles such as Queen’s Crown, World of Magic, Third Blade, and one of my personal favorites, Caligo Chaser. To that, Com2uS has decided to expand their Inotia RPG series, submitting a fourth installment, entitled Assassin of Berkel.

Surprisingly, with the presentable quality of these past titles, it would appear that Inotia 4 has seemed to miss the mark a bit.

The Negatives: Immediately, you will notice the graphics aren’t necessarily pristine; we are dealing with a non-Retina display capability here, something that isn’t really unexpected in comparison to the last three installments of Inotia. Second, Inotia 4 is almost immediately buggy, from the scene skip button not working a sixth of the time to the character refusing to lock onto certain targets. Finally, the sound effects are as weak as the visuals, making Inotia 4 a less-than-interesting piece.

Nice Little Perk: But I digress. There is a nifty little perk that has been included in Inotia 4 (as well as the last three). The party style of characters is nice and convenient, especially as it will eliminate the difficulty of selecting only a single character class for the entire game. 

Truth Be Told: There are so many classic, top-down RPG games for mobile devices, and my iPhone has seen a hefty chunk of them. Out of the lineup, I have to admit that the Inotia series in not one of my favorites.

Bottom Line: Gamers are as diverse as the games they consume. While I’m sure some will absolutely love Inotia 4 (and the free version is worth trying, just to see if it sparks your interest), I would tend to lean more towards the Zenonia series in terms of playability and graphics. I’ve also found Seed 1&2 and Mage Gauntlet to be intriguing pieces. Any of them, really, will leave you more satisfied than the AppStore’s’ alleged “number 1 RPG chronicle.”

But don’t take my word for it! Inotia 4 may just be that missing game you’re looking for.

Happy Downloading, Addicts!



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