8 Most Memorable Proms in Movies

Someone told me a story the other day about about the incredibly long line at a snow cone stand they were waiting in because of all the Prom kids. At first I was like, “you’re a grown man!” to my friend, “What are you doing at a snow cone stand at nine o clock at night on a Saturday?” Then I started thinking about all the famous Prom scenes and movies that exist in the world. Which brings us back around to the present. So here is a list of the 8 most memorable Prom scenes or Prom movies.

8. Twilight. Not only is this fourth best vampire movie ever made, but now it has the honor of making 8DAG’s list for best Prom’s of all time and space. Only one of those statements is true of course. Twilight does in fact win number 8. I hate that this movie is about Vampires and earns a spot in geek culture. But the fact is, it does, and a billion people all over the world have seen it and recognize this scene. There were freakin’ blogs about how they were gonna do this scene and what they were gonna wear. Ugh… at least it brought some “G” cred further into the mainstream.

7. She’s All That. Rachael Leigh Cook and Dule’ Hill (Freddie Prinze Jr if you care. He did do Scooby Doo and the 2nd wasn’t even disappointing). Leigh Cook was in Psych with Dule’ Hill for a season a while back and I couldn’t help but think how much better She’s All That would have been if James Rodey had been in it. Of course this movie is silly and “not good” in general, but if you look passed all that it’s a fun watch all-in-all. It does have a Prom scene where Usher calls everyone “Earthquakes” and makes them synchronize dance the night away.

6. Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2. I’d give this a spot just for the name alone, if it weren’t already brilliant. The Prom night movies are a staple in American horror classics. Mary Lou possessing a young girl so she can be crowned Prom queen, how could this not make a prom list.

5. Footloose. Why are so many movies ridiculous? Forget trying to judge if their only purpose is to have fun and dance. Footloose rocks the mofo’in’ casbah. When I was young lad this movie was the kind of genius you only heard about. The completely ludicrous premise is what makes it great. A town so influenced by it’s preacher they’ve “outlawed” dancing. This movie earns a spot because they actually used Prom as a weapon, fighting the law with dance moves. Justified at the end with Prom.

4.Prom Night. The original prom horror and starring the original queen of horror Jamie Lee Curtis. Not quite as hokey as the sequels with out all of the supernatural elements. Brilliant 80’s horror and everything you could want from an old slasher film. Gratuitous nudity and red corn syrup layered onto faded film with bad acting. Amazing.

3. Pretty In Pink. This has to be one the most famous prom scenes of the 2oth century. Andie in her ugly pink dress leaving the GEEK (who obviously deserved to get the girl) Duckie at the Prom so she could run off with Blane the prep squad rich kid. The only consolation in it all is that Duckie ends up with Kristy Swanson. Molly Ringwald has played several notorious geek cred roles in her career, Sixteen Candles, Not Another Teen Movie, Stephen King’s The Stand. Now she is in the number 3 spot on a geeky prom list. She still should have ended up with Duckie.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You. Based off of William Shakespear’s Taming of the Shrew this fun teen movie starred the freakin’ late, great Joker himself. Without this movie there would have been no The Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan would probably be lying in a ditch somewhere. This movie itself is about the geek getting the girl, which we love around here. The Geek being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt of 3rd Rock From the Sun (also with Larissa Oleynik in later seasons) and Inception. Ms Oleynik punches Andrew Keegan in the face at the Prom while Save Ferris sings “I Want You To Know” in the BG, and we’ve all wanted to do that. I’d love to punch anyone in the face while Save Ferris played in the background, and this movie delivers that. For that, we award it the number 2 spot.

1. Carrie. It almost didn’t even need to be said. This movie has to have, by far, the most famous of all Prom scenes ever. The only reason I even wanted to go to Prom was because of this movie. Sissy Spacek covered in blood and killing with her mind gave me nightmares forever. Not half as much as her mom saying “they’re all gonna laugh at you,” in the delusional montage playing in Carrie’s brain right before she unleashes the evil onto the laughing crowd at senior Prom. 36 years later, Stephen King’s masterpiece of a story is presented a Prom Queen crown once again.

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  1. I forgot that Save Ferris played the “10 Things” prom! I want to punch someone in the face to Save Ferris too!

  2. no Buffy’s prom? I’m shocked.

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