8 Easter-like Bunnies

Tomorrow is Easter, and if I am correct (I usually am), the annual tradition calls for a listing of movies featuring either chocolate or bunnies. Then there is a dance of some sort, I forget how it all goes but I know it’s something like that.  So let’s do a list and honor the Great Bunny like Linus honoring the Great Pumpkin.

8. Bridgette Jones as a prostitute. Better than regular Bridgette Jones and not as good as a prostitute.

7. Wallace and Gromit’s Werebunny. If it weren’t made out of clay (or at least animated to appear as if it were) and didn’t have Wallace and Gromit’s sunken eyes it might actually be scary. Not as scary as a werewolf of course but much scarier there than just a clay bunny.

6.Watership Down. Something about this story always creeped the living H out of me. This picture isn’t even what did it. Just the general feel of it.

5. The Trojan Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Nothing creepy about this one. Just plain awesomeness from an awesome movie and worth mentioning on any list that isn’t about chocolate but is about bunnies from movies.

4. The rabbit from the hat in Twilight Zone the Movie. Segment #3 is the second best segment from that movie. When Uncle Walt pulls the giant frightening bunny from the hat though, well… it’s still not as frightening as the gremlin outside the plane. But this is a bunny list damn it!

3. Ralphie in the bunny. A Christmas classic for an Easter list.

2.Frank the Bunny. Quite possibly the most intense of all bunnies. Or he might be if it weren’t for number one on this list.

1. The monster who guards the cave from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This movie loved utilizing bunnies. I don’t know why it isn’t played in 24 hour marathon on TBS every Easter, they use bunnies so much. This blood thirsty bunny is the thirstiest of all blood thirsty bunnies. In fact, his thirst for blood is only made pale by his adorableness (I’m assuming it’s a boy I don’t actually know). It is that thirst for blood and that adorableness one-two punch that wins him the Easter list championship belt. So congratulations.


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