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Today we concentrate on the somewhat unfortunate future of gaming: touch screens. I don’t dislike these types of games too terribly much, but they aren’t anything I’ll obsessively play like my 360 or future PS3. I own an iPhone, an “all in one” PC (which is actually pretty neat) and will eventually get some kind of tablet. I casually game on all of these devices and will continue to do so, but they won’t be my default systems for the foreseeable future. Gaming has actually decreased in my life (oh no!) but this is the cycle, it will become the forefront once other things fade into the background again.

I don’t want to end this completely negative about touch screen games, though. There are some fantastic games out there that are completely worth the purchase. Infinitely Blade 1 and 2 can get monotonous but looks beautiful while doing so, and more simplistic games like Angry Birds and the new hit Draw Something are easy to obsess over. Switch over to the PSVita and 3DS and you’ve got the fun of controls and touch screens, integrated to make a unique (read: sometimes awkward) gaming experience.


Kid Icarus Uprising
Release Date: 3.23.12
System: 3DS

Did anyone see the full page Uprising ad with the AR card in the new GameInformer for March? Those are collectibles you can scan in and use in the game. Pit is back for another adventure with his full arsenal of weapons. There is one campaign and a multiplayer option that can host up to 6 players, local or online. While I can’t play a FaceMelter (the 3DS), I have it on good authority from a fiery 9-year-old we call Egan that the Icarus games are really fun! but Call of Duty is still better and Ninjago is the best. I can’t keep the kid on topic, but he definitely loves his 3DS and won’t hesitate to tell me the truth.

Medusa has been resurrected and is gathering the underworld forces of darkness to fulfill her ambition. You play as an angel named Pit who is bestowed the power of flight from Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Repel the Medusa’s underworld army with your choice of an array of weapons like: Blades, Claws, Bow, Cannon, Mace, Staff and others that you will discover along your journey. Multiplayer mode allows for competitive gameplay locally or over a wireless Internet connection. Its time for Medusa to meet the power of light and only you can guide Pit to victory The game comes packed with a black stand for use with your 3DS console.


Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Release Date: 3.27.12
System: PS Vita

Silent Hill decides to explore the cooperative/multiplayer realm with yet another game release. Break out your touch sensitive PS Vita and play with your friends, or Internet Strangers.

A portable entry in the horror franchise, Silent Hill: Book of Memories aims to explore new dimensions of this classic setting with the first multiplayer component in the series.

Silent Hill Book of Memories is the first ever multi-player Silent Hill title. This cooperative mode lets players explore the Otherworlds together, while scare surroundings, limited resources and dark atmosphere keep the tension high.


Angry Birds Space
Release Date: 3.22.12
System: iPhone

My Angry Birds Obsession, the beginning and end. Before I replaced my iPhone last November I had all of regular Angry Birds beaten, but I didn’t sync my cloud restore correctly so while the game downloaded again, my progress didn’t. The tragedy! After my initial obsession waned, I didn’t even try. Is it still a fantastically fun game? Yes! Do the new things in Angry Birds Space have me tempted? Yes!  New birds, new powers, over 60 new maps and updates to come. Get your dollar out and download it today.


Release Date: 3.27.12
System: PS3, PC

Closure, much like Limbo, is a puzzle game with a minimalist style that relies on shadows and lights and how you manipulate them to get through the game. One word to describe it: intriguing.


Release Date: 3.22.12
System: PC

Out today, folks! This one has multiple endings, multiple characters to play through as, and a decent sounding story. I find the graphics pretty appealing, so I’m half tempted to give this a try after some more reviews come out. It’s a pretty typical point-and-click interactive environment. The dialogue has a few different options, and along with your choices you make in the game you can manipulate the ending to suit your playing style. (I think they’re better than the ME3 choices.)

In New York City, beggars are disappearing one after another, only to be found burnt alive. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped scar forms in the palm of the hands of seemingly unrelated people. With the police and the media giving little attention to these events, Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organization, and his friend Cooper, are the first to investigate these disappearances. They are two of the three playable characters in Yesterday, the third being none other than the enigmatic John Yesterday, who is dragged into this incredible story after his memory is completely wiped.

This is the starting point of a brand new adventure from Pendulo Studios, which will drive you into a dark story full of twists and turning points, and give you the chance to choose between 4 different endings! Choose who you want to control: Henry, Cooper or John in the game’s grand finale and leave the closing at your will! Do you want justice to win? Would you prefer a crooked ending? Or rather an unexpected, jaw-dropping one?
It’s up to you!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
Release Date: 3.27.12
System: X360, PS3

El Tigre is back and so his swing. If you have a Move or a Kinect, this game is compatible with both. Everyone knows this game is for golf enthusiasts, and EA knows it too. There is a collectors addition, aptly boxed as a “Masters” collection.

The world’s #1 selling golf game is back and ready for another season of PGA Tour golf. Take your game to the next level with the first controller-free, voice-enabled and body tracking sports simulation to support the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 (optional and sold separately). Put real-life swing in-game with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 as you experience revamped swing control, tackle Tiger Woods’ legacy and compete against the world’s best players at The Masters.

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  1. I loved this short article, it was great for my angry bird game collection. All the best!!

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