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I realized something today. Watered down Kool-Aid has got to be among the most disgusting things ever. It no longer has that lovely powered drink flavor when it has been watered down. It now only tastes like some rancid water that has been left out to taunt you! Nothing quite ruins the day like lack luster powdered sugar fruit flavored water that has gone sour. That shit should be a crime.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here I am. I am supposed to be writing about all sorts of fun things and instead I’m lamenting the dire situation I am in. This cherry flavored Kool-Aid is nasty. Who ever made this stuff is just not aware of how it is done and quite simply needs to go back to school. Case closed.

I am still not impressed with anything relating to the new Batman movie but I am getting more and more excited about Avengers! I’m sure this is getting annoying by now all the gushing I do about that damn film but I am excited and the day just isn’t getting here fast enough! And in case anyone forgot, I do hate Marvel.

Now my last rant is this whole Captain Marvel slash Shazam bullshit. Shame on you, DC! His name is Captain Marvel and it always will be! Sometimes I wonder where the ass clown who runs DC gets his stupid ideas at. Honestly I don’t want to know, I’m sure Marvel is behind it though. Skrulls!!!

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