Geek Graphic Novel Review: Slaine: Books of Invasions

Slaine, the marauding High King of Ireland against Moloch and his Fomarian demons in this bloody tale of vengeance. This is my first encounter with Slaine, a favorite among 2000 AD fans, and I gotta say, I want to read more. Slaine is a classic axe wielding barbarian, in the vein of Conan and Groo, well maybe not Groo. The book is pure rage fueled violence, just what I like in my warriors.

The story is not a huge divergence from your standard sword and sorcery tale, warrior kills monsters, monsters kill warriors wife, warrior goes ape shit on monsters. Of course I’m dumbing down a story that has many intricacies to it, and it’s not a bad story, just one we’ve heard before. Pat Mills has written some fantastic stories in the past, and granted, this is only the first part in a larger story and if I know Pat Mills it will just continue to get better and better like his previous hit ABC Warriors.


The Art was great, the combination of classic art and digital really works for this type of book, Clint Langley knows his audience and puts some bizarre twists in to emphasize rage and other feeling. Honestly, the art is worth the book alone, each page is filled from top to bottom with beautiful scenes that make the book pop.

I gave this book a B+ rating, it’s cut up strange, it feels like another chapter should be included, but that’s a small complaint. This book is worth the small 19.99 price tag, you can find it at pick it up.

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