Geek Comic Review: Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures

Robotic adventurer extraordinaire Atomic Robo returns! I was asked to review the newest adventures from Atomic Robo from Red 5 comics and I was super excited, I love the character, it’s like asking a fat kid to review brownies. I was not disappointed.

Real Science Adventures is a new anthology series from the pages of Atomic Robo. The first story To Kill A Sparrow, is a Nazi revenge story that doesn’t reveall to much, kind of a boring first story, but it picks up from there. The second story is another revenge story, The Revenge of Dr.Dinosaur, it is hilarious, and is possibly one of my favorites from the book. The third story is a more somber and sad piece titled City of Skulls that shows that not all of Atomic Robo’s adventures are light-hearted romps, great story. The fourth story Leaping Metal Dragon: Part 1 is a strange story with a guest apperance by Bruce Lee, I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. The fifth and final story is a short and sweet chase between Atomic Robo and a would be wizard (and Robo hates wizards) Rocket Science is a Two-Edged Sword is classic Robo. All the stories are great, but City of Skulls and The Revenge of Dr.Dinosaur really shine.

The art changes throughout but it all carries that classic stylized look, I personally love the simplicity of it all, and I think you will too. The art on Rocket Science is a Two-Edged Sword really stands out, I like the detail they put into little things.

This is a great first issue, pick it up, and fall in love with the world of Atomic Robo B+ from me, my only issue was that it seemed like a few of the stories were too short, I understand it’s an anthology, but give me enough story to get hooked. Go to your local comic store and pick it up. If they don’t have it, tell them to order it for you.

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