A Couple of Good Guys: Miles Morales & Harry Potter



I’m a fanboy at heart.  That means I love superhero comic books, cartoons and movies.  From there geeks can go in many different directions from Video Games to Dungeons and Dragons.  I kinda love it all.  On my geek journey I was drawn into the Harry Potter world and that’s why Harry Potter and Miles Morales are my first additions into my to-be-continued list of “Good Guys”.

In “A Couple of Good Guys” I will pick two characters from the world of comics books, cartoons, movies or literature that I think have something to offer to lil geeks.

Welcome to the first addition of “A Couple of Good Guys!”

Harry Potter:

First up is Harry Potter.  If you have been living under a rock you may have no idea who I’m talking about.  Harry Potter is an orphan who finds out that he is so much more than just a regular boy when he is invited to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.  The entire series of 7 books have been made into a series of 8 movies, but I wonder if parents should challenge their little reader to delve into the books first.  Colsen, one of my favorite Lil Geeks, just read book 1 and as a reward he was able to watch the movie.  When I asked how it went, I was told he lost his mind from excitement.  Colsen has been headed down the road of Hyperfan (very excitable fan of all things geeky) since he was a toddler.  What I think the Potter books provide is a segue from early comic reading to reading literature.  Harry Potter has allowed Colsen and tons of other Hyperfans to pick up a book, get through it and then get that sense of accomplishment when you’ve read something that you didn’t want to end.  The cool thing about the Potter books is that there are 7 books to get through, so it doesn’t end for a while.  I don’t think I need to go into all the reasons that Harry, the character, is a “Good Guy”, he is by the way.  I will just leave it at, Harry gets kids reading books and that is an awesome accomplishment.  Thanks Harry.

Miles Morales:

Miles Morales is a recent addition to the super hero world.  While most comic books have a Spider-Man named Peter Parker, in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the Spider suit is worn by a very young man named Miles Morales.  He is definitely one of the “Good Guys”.  It’s so refreshing to pick up a book and see a unique take on the young hero.  Miles is a geek and  like my buddy Colsen, is a Hyperfan. The only difference is Miles lives in a world where superheroes exist.  Imagine the excitement and confusion when Miles realizes that he now has Spider powers.  Reading Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is just fun.  Every kid has sat next to their parents and tried to tell them something but feared the consequences and when you watch Miles internally debate telling his father about his new abilities, it just feels real.  In comic books nothing is forever, but this geek is hoping that Miles sticks around for a while, because he is definitely one of the “Good Guys”.


As always, Sidekicks rule!


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