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First off today, a word of praise for the I Heart Radio app that I recently downloaded for my Android phone. I love this app, seriously. Plus it is free and I like that along with no commercials, for now.

First rant.

I have seen some of the cool Lego set images for The Lord of the Rings showing up. All I can say is awesome. I am not so impressed by the Superhero subsets though. The DC sets seem to rehashes and the Marvel sets seem uninspired. Which of course seems very strange for Lego and its typically creative ways. My only thought could be that the usual ridiculousness is taking place backstage at the planning sessions for this line. I have often heard that dealing with a major license is a major hassle and that the comic book companies are among the very worst of the group. Plus now they have to deal with both of the major companies and neither can be real treat in the same room I bet. Lego had once said they wanted to get out of licensed property and I don’t blame them. The problem seems though that they want to make money and stay in business. Something has to give, I suppose. A big license is just something all companies need to deal with now. Heaven forbid an original idea or home cooked product line come along.

Next rant.

Episode I in 3-D was not that good and I am only going to discuss the 3-D as that was the draw to see it, otherwise it is the same as the DVD release of some years back.

The 3-D wasn’t good. It is just that simple. I expected better by now. For years they have been “so called” perfecting this technology and I say HOGWASH. Now it wasn’t that bad but it was not at all convincing. And I swear only certain parts where even converted over. Honestly though I think the main problem stemmed from how the film was not well, filmed to be put in such a format. You can dress up a pig all you want but at the end of the day it is still a pig. Maybe when Episode VII comes out they will have the foresight to film in 3-D.

Next rant.

People who take Facebook way too seriously drive me nuts. That isn’t real life and when it ruins your actual real life, you have a problem. High school drama needs to stay in high school and it gets even sadder when the people involved are old enough to have kids in high school! Good grief people! Act your dang age! When I see things like this it really makes me want to avoid all social media. And on a further note, I don’t care about your castle café mob family. I hate it when I get buried in requests for that crap.

Final Rant.

I hate hipsters

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