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First off I had a busy week so I got no further along in my quest to finish the Star Wars set. Life happens. I am also currently busy trying to get my ducks in a row for JoeCon. It should be a good one this year. Hopefully everything comes together so I can make it down to New Orleans this year to catch it.

How about some interesting things I have saw out in public as of late.

I saw a girl the other day who had her hair done up in such a way I was instantly reminded of theĀ disguisedĀ alien women in Mars Attacks! It was insane and her face really didn’t help shatter that first impression.

The other day at a bar I saw a girl running around wearing an outfit that one would most likely associate with the Tooth Fairy. It really was a fairy outfit and I have no idea why. I guess if you want attention and to make a lasting impression, well done.

Let's forget this happened...

Well that was a much shorter list than I thought. I guess I could mention a bar fight that almost broke out right in front me. But, seeing as how I need to protect the innocent I wont drop any names. Somedays you don’t have much to talk about and sorry folks this was one of them.

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