How To make a Taser out of a Disposable Camera

So what we are going to do today is make a taser out of a disposable camera. It sounds difficult, but really it’s not. The video will show you how to do it but I will go ahead and list the things you will need for this project. Every geek should have one 😀

  • Rubber Gloves (while handling the circuit board)
  • Wire  (speaker wire works)
  • Wire Strippers
  • Disposable Camera (2 for $10) at KMART
  • Soldering Gun (I will make a video later how to solder if you don’t know how)

Video 1 (The Actual Complete Taser)

Video 2 (How to Make the Taser)

The flash capacitor can carry a 350 to 400 volt charge for months after the last use, and there is enough power stored there to become a health hazard if you found a way to get your hands across both terminals.

In other Words, DO NOT PUT FINGERS ON BOTH TERMINALS! I should of used gloves too, so please be careful and I or 8 Days A Geek are not responsible for any shocks or damages.

Warning: Use this device at your own risk. It delivers a VERY powerful shock. (It will break skin)

Disclaimer: The projects shown in the video can be highly dangerous or fatal if handled in the wrong manner. I DO NOT under any circumstances recommend building or using these projects shown in my videos, as they are for entertainment purpose ONLY. I or 8 Days A Geek DO NOT take responsibility for your actions that may harm yourself or others around you, as well as property damage you may inflict while building or using these projects.

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  1. Saw this on Burn Notice…always wanted to tazer a tourist with their own damn camera…

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